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My Thanksgiving Blues — 2018-11-16

My Thanksgiving Blues

Thanksgiving is next week, and I am sitting here trying to figure out what in the world I am going to make. This year has been so crazy busy! My husband is constantly getting onto me for not sleeping more, but there is just so much to get done. I am one of those people that hate to be behind in anything. This year, I feel like everything took a crazy lurch to one side, and I have not been able to get it right again. I don’t know if I need a vacation, a full night of sleep, or another me to get something accomplished.

Our homeschool journey has been much like my Thanksgiving menu. Slow going and frustrating. My kids have become perfect at putting everything off, and somehow not accomplishing anything. They get little bits done, but I feel like I am failing in that too. BLAH!

It’s Not ALL Crazy

There are good things happening! We got some snow today, so we had a little relaxed time just watching it fall and blanket the ground. My computer is set to where I can look out my back window into the backyard. Watching the snow come down, made me realize how thankful I am for so many things. We take so much for granted, that we rarely stop to think of what we can truly be thankful for. I might not have that menu done, but we have food in the house. My kids might not get all their papers finished, but they are learning. We have heat, running water, and a roof over our heads. Blankets to keep warm with, and clothes to wear. The ability to do laundry, go to the store and having a car to run errands with. That list right there tells me how much I have to be thankful for. But I also have a fabulous husband and kiddos who make me laugh each day.

Looking over what we have, and what could be, makes me realize my “crazy” days are not really so bad after all. Working means that I have a paycheck coming in to help support my family. So what if the student loans are still there. They are going to be there for a bit.

Doing Something Different

This year, I want to challenge everyone to do something different. When you are putting your Thanksgiving meal together, think about those that are less fortunate. Instead of packing away those leftovers, pack up some to go containers and pass them out. Make a smaller dinner and take to a homeless shelter. Find a way to give something back to those who are truly in need. There are needs all over.



Where is August? — 2018-08-20

Where is August?

Good day, all!! I am sitting here looking at the calendar and trying to figure out how in the world we are this far into the month.  I am not entirely sure where the days have gone, and what I have done with all of my time!

Reading is massive for me, but my reading time has gone completely downhill this summer. I read over 100 books already, but July and August have been slower months in the reading department. To date, I have finished 110 books, but in July and August, I have read less than 20 books total. On a good month, I can read 20-30. What in the world!? I need life to seriously slow down!

I have been starting to figure out what we are going to be doing for school this fall. I am so far behind on that too! Generally, by this time of year, everything is set, the copies I need of exams are made, and the lessons plans are made out.

AHH!! Does anyone else feel this way? I can’t be the only one who feels completely overwhelmed at times, right? I have been looking at the massive to-do list that is in front of me. I have begun to set a list of what I can accomplish each day and check it off as I go through. Making records that are easy to follow and laying it out by the hour, it helps. I have begun to make a list for each day, and look forward to accomplishing what I can every day. I add what I need to get through for work, personal, and outside activities.

What are your tips for staying on top of what you need to get done? Do you have a system that you have found that works better? Share your ideas with me! I love to see the ideas that are worth keeping, and anything that can help to stay on top of everything is fantastic!


With summer winding down, I am ready to really embrace the fall and entirely get everything back on track. I do not like the feeling of unfinished or unaccomplished tasks. Anyone else prepared to tackle the feelings of stress and get life back on track?



Summer Vacation and the Book Dilemma — 2018-07-17

Summer Vacation and the Book Dilemma

Summer vacation is upon us, and the time for reading has become slimmer. I try to read for an hour every night before going to bed, but this last week that proved impossible. My sister stayed with me while I was at my parents for a week, and so instead of reading – we talked and listened to CreepyPasta stories.

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely LOVE the time that I get to spend with family! It is wonderful getting caught up and making new memories. Books are my relaxation tool. I read to forget stress and frustration. I realized as I was packing up to leave, that I had not cracked open one of the books that I had brought to read. I read several stories to my nieces and nephews, but my reading was put on the back burner. Ya know, I am okay with that! I would rather have the memories of snuggling with the littles and sharing some of my favorite stories with them, then sitting there going, “I read four books this week.”

Now that I am back home, and the quiet of the house has settled around me, I find myself looking through my list of books trying to decide what to read next. There are so many books that I need to read, want to read, or have planned to read – however, nothing is grabbing me! I cannot find the want to read now. I missed it while I was away, but now that I have the time – nope!

Summer is always an enigma in our house. We tend to become busier than normal. Schedules are filled with activities, fun, and everything else in between. There are days I am not sure exactly what day it is, but as long as everything is on the calendar, I am good to go.  Right now, I am kid free! My kidlets are spending time with their grandparents. I have more time on my hands, and I am not sure how to fill it! I have had the time to sit back and evaluate how things are going in my life, my house, and work on figuring out a plan to get through the remainder of the summer and into the fall.

I have begun the planning segment for the upcoming school year. Lists are in progress of how I want certain things to go, and finances are being looked at. But there is something missing – the ordinary insanity in my house has come down to the dog, and she is content to lay on my feet and snooze the day away. In the insanity of feeling like I am forgetting something, I have started the massive MUST READ LIST – and adding it to my calendar. I love being able to plan everything out and look ahead to see what is upcoming.

How is your summer shaping up? Do you have any fun plans? Share your plans and summer reading goals with me!


Weekends… a local myth — 2018-05-27

Weekends… a local myth

I know that I cannot be the only one who feels this way! Weekends are the time that we have to rest, recoup, and catch up on everything that didn’t get done during the week…. right? WRONG! I constantly find myself battling the weekends. I have been sitting at my computer all day, trying to get some work caught up that lagged during the week. I got a big fat ZERO accomplished today. I played on FaceBook, I planned out my weekend reading and looked over some work that needs to be done. But I just could not bring myself to get anything actually accomplished.

Each weekend, I tell myself that I will get everything done and not stress out. I am sitting here staring at a list a mile long, trying to figure out how to get it all done tomorrow so that Monday can be a full day of nothingness. After talking to a girlfriend of mine, I realized that I am not the only one who goes through this. We all suffer from the weekend loss. It seems that kids are the only ones immune from the mundane of the weekend, and that is just because they honestly do not realize how good life is for them right now.

We all hope for the best, and we look forward to resting and playing all weekend. Real life, however, is not that way. I am staring at a laundry pile that is overflowing out of my laundry room. Grocery shopping has been done, only because my husband decided to do it today. Housework – well that is a never-ending battle, right? I always pray that I can get done what I need to, and have weekends completely free. WIth kids in the house, I know that there are never going to completely “free” weekends. With Boy Scouts, summer activities, bowling, etc etc etc, there is always something going on.

I love to be busy, but there are days I really want to just sit down and do nothing. I decided to pull a little bit of fun from today, and have pulled out a cross stitching pattern I have been dying to get started. Tomorrow is another day, but it is one day closer to the weekend being over.

Sound off, and tell me how you plan your weeks and weekends! I would love to hear suggestions! I am ready to reclaim my weekends!


Life Flying By… — 2018-04-22

Life Flying By…

April has been flying by, and there are days I wonder if I am even noting the passing days. This last week was one that really pushed me to the brink of binge-eating all the chocolate in the house!

It started on Monday. Monday’s are rough anyway, but ya know, sometimes you have to shake things up and make them REALLY bad. Anyway, I woke up to no internet – and several deadlines staring me in the face. I spent the next two hours frantically trying to figure out what in the world was going on, then calling the provider to see if they could figure it out. I ended up with a technician at my house – on a rush job. Tuesday – same story – no internet, technician scheduled…. got internet, only to lose it again while I was in the middle of meeting. Then I spent the next almost two hours on the phone to get internet working again, to have the base where we are living completely lose power. GO FIGURE. At this point, I had to laugh. It was either that or break down into tears. So laughter won out – and I was trying to keep a positive outlook. The provider we have decided to send out ANOTHER technician, and see if they could get things figured out. Well – I guess we have somewhat figured out what is causing the issue, but we are going to see how long this solution lasts.

I am not a downer – I try to see the positive on everything, but I felt as though this week pushed me to the point of breaking. Deadlines, kids, homeschooling, and life in general has ways to kick you, and make you question everything. I love my kids – so there are no worries there.

As a parent, I worry constantly about finding the “niches” that my kids need to get ahead. I know where our weak points are, and where they struggle. There are days that I struggle to discover how I can really help move them forward. I do not want to put them back into public school. We just have to discover the perfect curriculum that will work for them. I have considered writing my own, and putting my own information together. Of course, I am going to have to buy the math and science, those are NOT my strong points at all. I am okay with buying those. I just want the rest of what we are doing to be something that they are going to mostly enjoy. Why must that be so hard!?

There are going to be some long and trying days ahead. I am going to be working on laying out a better plan, and I look forward to sharing those with you as we move forward. For any homeschooling families out there – what are you looking for? What do you love using, and what would you change?

Days come and go.. and there are going to be some fantastic ones ahead, and there will be some not so great ones ahead. I will take each day as it comes and look forward to bigger things ahead!

What is one thing that you would like to accomplish this year?

Late Night Rambles.. — 2018-02-24

Late Night Rambles..

What a week it has been! I have been reading like mad, when I am not working. I have finished eight of the Amelia Peabody (written by Elizabeth Peters) books, and a few other books that are fixing to be released soon. Total this year, I have finished 27 books.  My goal is 100 books, but who knows, I might be able to leap over that number!

Sleep has lately been eluding me. It leaves more time for reading, but lack of sleep makes it frustrating for functioning – especially with children! My son has lately been taking more after my night owl habits, and that is in itself can be exasperating. This child decided to test my knowledge of the Civil War last night, and asking all sorts of questions that I had to really give some thought before answering. I am thankful that they are showing an interest in history, but I really wish they would not wait until midnight to think of all the questions that “really really” need answers before they can go to sleep. My other son is wrapped up in Ancient Egypt this year. I have always loved Egyptian history, and being able to share the knowledge, the books, and art. I am hoping to reign them in a little more with the study of a few more ancient civilizations in the fall.

I have been grappling with the idea of what to do with these kiddos in the fall. I home-school, but we have been finding that the books are boring. Do not get me wrong, they have a lot of great information, and they are learning – but boys need more hands on busy work. I am looking into writing my own curriculum, and building my own studies for them to follow. They are smart kids (what parents always say) but building on the strengths and interests that they have will hopefully propel us forward at a better pace.  As we move ahead, I will notate how we do on here. It shall be an interesting time and hopefully something that we will enjoy so much more than what we are using now.

Since sleep is not sure to come any time soon, I think that I shall start a new book, and hopefully have a couple of reviews up here for you all soon! There are some great books that are due to be released this year! I look forward to sharing some of them with you!

What reading adventures are you undertaking?