True Raiders

True Raiders: ~A Book Review~

Are you ready for another fabulous book? Discover TRUE RAIDERS! You are going to love this adventure! Buckle up, and go back in time – rediscovering an expedition that we have long since forgotten. Review of True Raiders Brad Ricca goes through impeccable research to bring the story of the Expedition to find the Ark…

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The Cold Vanish

The Cold Vanish ~A Book Review~

I have a new book review to share! The Cold Vanish is one of those fabulous books that is going to stay with you. It will also haunt you as you think about the many that are missing, and the families who are desperate for answers. Review of The Cold Vanish The missing number grows…

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I Was Anastasia ~Book Review~

  The Grand Duchess Anastasia, has easily become the most famous of the Romanov royal family. Pampered, loved, princess, prisoner, missing person. She and her entire family were held in different locations, until one night, they disappeared entirely. Rumors began to surface that they had all been shot, and their bodies disposed of, but Russia…

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Book Spotlight: The Chronicles of Iona

The Chronicles of Iona: Exile tells the story of the Irish monk and Scottish warrior, Saint Columba and Aedan mac Gabran, who would band together to lay the foundation of the nation of Scotland.  They were a real-life 6th-century Merlin and King Arthur and their story has never been told. The book begins in 563 A.D.  The…

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Grilling Dahmer Book Cover

Grilling Dahmer ~A Book Review~

Riveting and exciting! Grilling Dahmer is perfect for true crime fans! Review of Grilling Dahmer The crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer shocked an entire nation. What started as a simple investigation into a head in a refrigerator, morphed into one of the worst serial killers the United States had seen at that time. Patrick Kennedy, the…

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Til Death Do Us book cover

‘Til Death Do Us…. ~A Book Review~

‘Til Death Do Us will captivate you from page one, almost as easily as Gladys captivated each of her husbands! From all accounts, Gladys was a young woman with a big future. As a young girl, she was doted on by her family. As an adult, she was a serial bride – continually marrying and…

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The Lost Castle Book Cover

The Lost Castle ~A Book Review~

It is time to share another book review! I wrote this one a couple of years ago, but never shared to my blog. I hope you love this one! Kristy Cambron did not disappoint with this one! The Lost Castle Review: This story is spread out between three women – three women who are strong…

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