The last few months have been super crazy. We went from everything being on a steady keel, to having to figure out what we were doing for so many things. Kids started distance learning, everything shut down, and we sat down at home to see what would happen. I thought it would be a great time to get caught up on reading, but was I ever wrong! I have been reading but not as quickly as I wanted.

As we have finished distance learning, I have learned some valuable lessons. I have more patience than I thought I did. I have been teaching online classes for years, but never like this. We took what their teachers had, dove in, and man did we all learn something! We have been working on several things, but we are also working on some things for the summer. Learning never stops, and there are some things that I want my boys to get stronger with. So we have the summer to work through a bit, and have a lot of fun too!

Since we started quarantine, I had a list of books that I wanted to get through. I haven’t managed all of them yet, but here are the ones that I have done over the past few months (so far):

  1. Mighty Warrior Kings – P. Potter
  2. Crocodile On The Sandbank – E. Peters
  3. Living in Medieval England – K. Warner
  4. If There’s A Mailbox In Heaven – C. Bowers
  5. Short Horror Stories vol 13 – Scare Street
  6. Short Horror Stories vol 14 – Scare Street
  7. Short Horror Stories vol 15
  8. Short Horror Stories vol 16 – Scare Street
  9. Short Horror Stories vol 17 – Scare Street
  10. Short Horror Stories vol 18 – Scare Street
  11. Women in Power in Anglo-Saxon England – A. Whitehead
  12.  How to Survive in Ancient Egypt РC. Booth
  13. Lost Heirs of the Medieval Crown – J Andrews
  14. The Royal Tombs of Ancient Egypt – A. Dodson
  15. Agincourt 1415 – B. Renfrow
  16. Only One Life – A. Farley
  17. Rebellion Against Henry III – D. Pilling
  18. Die of Death – K. Anderson
  19. Curse of the Black-Eyed Kids – C.J. Popp
  20. Who Really won the battle of Marathon – C. Lagos
  21. Georgian Recipes and Remedies – M.J. Rochford
  22. The Sign of the Blood – L. O’Bryan
  23. History of Magic and Witchcraft – F. Timbers
  24. The Wrongful Death – Kenneth Anderson
  25. Harrow Lake – K. Ellis
  26. Short Horror Stories vol 19 – Scare Street
  27. Following in the Footsteps of King Arthur – A. Beattie
  28. Ghosts Unveiled – K. Hollihan
  29. The Man Behind The Tudors: Thomas Howard – K. Yardley
  30. Antigonus The One-Eyed – J. Champion
  31. Serial Killers: Worlds Most Evil – N. Blundell
  32. Elizabeth I’s Secret Lover – R. Stedall
  33. Serial Killers: Butchers and Cannibals – N. Blundell
  34. Under Animus – Alexa Wayne

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