Well, quarantine has everyone revolving around their favorite things. Mine are books, sweatpants, and of course, binge-watching television. We are 23 days into this quarantine, and we are beginning to go a little stir crazy. Thank goodness for sweatpants, I am not sure what I would do if we didn’t have comfort clothing to fall back on!

It has been so long since I have posted an update, I am almost not sure where to start. We have begun distance learning, as, after our spring break, the entire state was shut down, and no one was able to really go anywhere. So far, we are doing our best to maintain and actually get everything done. Thank goodness the teachers are understanding! I have taught online courses, but when it comes to dealing with new classrooms and younger students, I am almost at a loss. There are times that I want to run screaming, but I wouldn’t get very far.

Through it all, my husband is now working from home, so between the two of us, life seems mostly normal. It is very weird for me to have him home all day, but I know that when its over, I am going to miss having him around more. We have been binge-watching BONES on Amazon Prime, and are about halfway through the series. I have told him for years that he would enjoy the show, but we are finally finding the time to sit down and watch it together.

The reading has been suffering. I am finding that I cannot concentrate at all! I have so many books that I want to read, but finding the actual WANT to sit and read is gone. This is new for me, and I am sad that I am not getting more reading in. I have started pushing myself to read at least 30 minutes a night, to see if that will reinvigorate my love of books. I am also going to be pushing some audiobooks, as there are several that I want to get finished. I had high hopes of tackling the TBR list. I have so many on there, and I am wanting to finish out several that I have started and push reviews out. One of these days it will be manageable again. I still have my quarantine reading list that I set, and I am going to be working on finishing that at least.

I am doing my best to get my kids interested in reading. All they want to do is play their video games, so they resist reading, but we are going to start reading again as a family at night. I don’t want them to hate books. I don’t care if they never become huge readers, but I don’t want them to avoid and never read.


Tell me, how are you doing during this quarantine period?

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