The Boing Boing Bushes ~A Book Review~

Boing Boing Bushes

There is a great new book for kids available now! I cannot wait to share more with you about "The Boing Boing Bushes" and the Pasta Kidz new adventure! Y'all have heard me say it, and I am going to repeat it - finding books that kids will enjoy, and maintain their interest is crucial. … Continue reading The Boing Boing Bushes ~A Book Review~

~Book Review~ Where Do You Go To?

Where Do You Go To

Its time to bring a new book review! Where Do You Go To is a book that follows a young woman from the orphanage to become the daughter of an ambassador from France. Get ready for an interesting ride! If you have read it, what did you think of the book? Book Review Marie-Claire does … Continue reading ~Book Review~ Where Do You Go To?

New And Upcoming Books

It's been a hot minute since I have released some new and upcoming book reviews. There are always fabulous books coming out and there is only so much time to get them all in! I have been reading as fast as I can through the crazy that life likes to throw our way. With that … Continue reading New And Upcoming Books

Interview with Kristin Ward

Author Interview AFTGW

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kristin Ward, who is the author of "After the Green Withered." I had so much fun with this interview. If you have not checked out her book, do so! You can catch my review here: What a great lady, and author,  and I know that we can expect … Continue reading Interview with Kristin Ward

Blog Tour: After The Green Withered

After the Green Withered

The rain stopped falling, and the green withered. Now water is the global currency, and one power controls it all..... The world as we know it no longer exists. The lushness we have grown accustomed to is gone. Now all that is left are barren wastelands, small communities, and one power that oversees the water … Continue reading Blog Tour: After The Green Withered

A Beautiful Corpse ~A Book Review~

A beautiful corpse

Have you ever had a book just drag you around until you are exhausted? This book does that and MORE! I could NOT put it down! I was entranced from the start. There is a huge range of emotions at play in this novel! A Beautiful Corpse is one of those MUST READ books of … Continue reading A Beautiful Corpse ~A Book Review~

English-language Snobbery

First, the do-not-end-a-sentence-with-a-preposition rule appears to originate from the 17th Century Latin-variance coined by John Dryden (1631-1700) in 1627 (Greene 2011). He argued that English required conformity from Latin, which rejects any leniency of end-of-a-sentence-with-a-preposition (Greene 2011; Lowth 1794, 104). Then Bishop Robert Lowth (1710-1787) continued the rejection of end-of-a-sentence-with-a-preposition as a Latin-based argument in … Continue reading English-language Snobbery

All About March!

Book in grass

Well, March was a super crazy month at our house! We moved, ended our homeschooling journey, began a new public school journey, began making some new friends, saw some interesting places, read a lot of books... and So MUCH MORE. I think March was one of the busiest and craziest months that we have had … Continue reading All About March!

Marching Through Reading Kids Books

March has been a busy month so far for reading! There are so many books and so little time! I have been reading as fast as I can, although, this month has had its own fun. In the last blog, I shared that we had moved, so it has been a busy couple of weeks … Continue reading Marching Through Reading Kids Books

Blog Tour for “A King Under Siege”

King Under Siege - Mercedes Rochelle

Hey! Are you looking to join a really fun blog tour? I am putting one together for Mercedes Rochelle and her new book "A King Under Siege." It is going to be a fun blog tour! If you are interested in joining, just reply and let me know! Feel free to share with your blogging … Continue reading Blog Tour for “A King Under Siege”