illuminating my june round-up

So, June ran out of the house laughing as it did so. I am sitting here trying to do my June Round-UP, and I am not entirely sure what I did the entire month! I am not saying that it was not busy and that I was not productive, but man oh man, why did it have to go so fast!?

My kids were gone through the month visiting their grandparents. They started in Alabama to see an uncle, then hit Arkansas, Tennessee and then Mississippi. That left their dad and I home alone, unattended, and looking for ways to stay busy. I did a lot of editing during June. Also, I edited a total of four books and brought in a few more that I am working on. Now,I have found that I love editing a lot more than what I was doing before, and so I am branching out more into that arena. I absolutely LOVE working with authors! I have been working with some indie authors that are amazing and super talented. When I say that there are some great books coming at you soon – believe me! I would not lead you astray!

We also got a little traveling in on our own. We hit up Colonial Williamsburg and then dropped down to South Carolina to see some friends over the 4th. To say that it was amazing is an understatement. We had a blast! As I sit here, I am looking at the nine books that I finished reading in June, and then the twelve that I have already completed this month. I am getting back into my groove slowly. Vacations have to end, but why do they have to go so fast!? Now that I think about it, June Round-up is looking okay!

Back to the June Round-Up

The reading during June was slow for me. I found myself going through and finishing several projects that I had begun and could finally get completed. With no kids running around, things were getting done left and right. Holy Moly! I loved having the quiet, but it was too quiet if you know what I mean. My food bill also dropped drastically. Kids are bottomless pits ya’ll!

While we have said goodbye to another month, we have so much adventure and promise waiting to happen throughout the rest of the year. I cannot wait to share more of what is going on! All in good time.. I promise!

Now, as we close out, tell me something AWESOME that happened to you in June!

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