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Well, March was a super crazy month at our house! We moved, ended our homeschooling journey, began a new public school journey, began making some new friends, saw some interesting places, read a lot of books… and So MUCH MORE.

I think March was one of the busiest and craziest months that we have had in quite some time.  I know I threw a huge list at the start – so we are going to work on it in order. So, we moved. I know I blogged about it recently, but it bears repeating. Having only 30 days to pack one house, find another to live, organize an entire move, and somehow keep the tiny humans alive – all while working is a huge feat. I am not sure how we honestly managed it all, but we did.

Even More Changes…

As with all good things, they must come to an end. With our move, we had to make some other decisions, one involving the dreaded student loans. I have been paying on them forever, and they never seem to want to leave – so I decided to start looking for work outside the home. I have been fortunate to work from home and homeschool my boys. They were begging to go back to school, and we decided with a new start, it was time to start again.  So back to school, they went – and so far so good. I miss having them here with me, and it’s taking some getting used to. I spent most of this week wandering around trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. It was very weird to not hear “MOM” every few minutes.

We are beginning to make some new friends. We have some great neighbors and a VERY QUIET community. It has been an adjustment with so much silence. But I am loving the area. There are so many historical places to visit, and I was lucky to get over to Monticello this last week. Kristie Dean who is an author, and also a history teacher and I met up and walked around. We had a blast going through the house, and just talking history! When you get two history teachers together, it is inevitable that history should be discussed and discussed at length. I came home feeling refreshed, excited, and remembering why I decided to pursue history while I was in college.

March Books Finished

Finally the books. Life is not worth living without books. If I could not read, I honestly would wonder if I might lose my mind. Books keep me grounded, as well as fueling my imagination and learning. March brought some grand new adventures and I cannot wait to share them with you! Here is what I accomplished this month in reading:

  1. Dogs Advice – S. Stroud
  2. The Afterlife of King James IV – K. Coleman – This book publishes 4/26/219
  3. In Blossom – C. Yooju
  4. Percy Shelley – Vandermeulen
  5. The Escape of Robert Smalls –
  6. Postcards From A War –
  7. Dragons in Love – A. LaCroix
  8. Remarkable Housewives of the Bible – E. Hollis
  9. Giraffe asks for Help –
  10. A Beautiful Corpse – C. Daughterty
  11. An Artless Demise – A. Lee Huber – This book publishes 4/2/2019
  12. Shadow Among Sheaves – N. Stephens – This book publishes 4/1/2019
  13. Little Bit and Big Byte Go Green – C. Feigh
  14. Blood of Princes – D. Birks
  15. American Princess – M. Thornton
  16. Cyclops Witch and the Heebie Jeebies –
  17. Blackbeard – S. Marquis
  18. Boris Badger Learns A Lesson – M. DcDevitt

AND… I am reading through one right now that might be finished tonight, but its not looking likely. But 18 books! I am thrilled! I have fallen off my reading lately, as there have been so many things going on, so I was happy to achieve this number.

What are you reading now? How was March for you??

6 Thoughts to “All About March!”

  1. You finished lots of books, I hope the majority of them were good. But more importantly it sounds like you had a very busy and good month all around. Good luck with your new home.

  2. bingingonabudget

    Thanks for sharing, what was your favorite part about March?

    1. archaeologistofbooks

      Ohh.. Is sleeping an option!? I have to say getting to our new area and looking at all the fun things that we are going to be able to do as a family!

  3. I read ONE book. And I feel accomplished lol. But you’ve inspired me…off to inspect my dusty bookshelf!

    So glad you survived March. I was getting worried!

    1. archaeologistofbooks

      You can do it! I am glad I survived too.. I love our chats!

      1. Me too 🙂

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