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Back To School Is Here! — 2018-09-16

Back To School Is Here!

The day has finally arrived, the dreaded back to school. I got the boy’s curriculum in the mail this past week. We have been doing shorter days as all of their schoolwork had not yet arrived. But now, it is here, and we are ready to kick off another school year. Summer was fun while it lasted, but to be honest, I am very ready to get back to a decent schedule. We have been fighting the dreaded monster known as boredom for a few weeks now.

I don’t know about yall, but I hate it when my kids spend to much time on electronics. Everything we do now has something electronic involved. My kids have decided that they love to play Minecraft, and a few other games as well. However, it is starting to detract from other things that need to be done. My house is needing to be cleaned, they have chores that are falling by the wayside, and there are little things that I could use a helping hand with.

Mom Frustration

I do not mind for them to have a little time to play their games, but I am tired of not having their help when I need it. How do we combat this? I want them to be successful and have considered putting them into coding classes online, but then I add more time that they are online. ARGH! It is very frustrating to figure out! For the past week, they have been begging to have an older computer that we have so they can play their games together.

We are currently working on building a schedule that will tie in their game time. I am wanting to limit the time that they have to 1.5 hours maximum for a day. However, I feel as though that is still a bit much, but if they get their school work done, I suppose that they could play and still learn at the same time.

School Work and Downfalls 

Part of the schoolwork we are doing this year is online. We are using Khan Academy for math. I really dislike math, so for me to try to teach it is not going well. There are things that I excel in. History, English, and Writing Рwe are good to go. But science and math I struggle a bit more. Science, I feel as though I am learning right alongside them, it has been so long since I have these classes! I still love learning, and it has been fun to rediscover old knowledge and share new things with them.

But here is my downfall – I work from home. I love working from home. Sometimes being able to take the time that we need fo school and working can be a bit difficult. But it is time to get our school year started and see how we fair this year. I am very excited to get started, and to see what these boys are going to accomplish!

Special Projects

So each year, I have the boys work a special history project. Before we hit the back to school mode, we select a topic and they work on learning more about it. One is going to do Ancient Egypt and the other wants to focus on the Civil War. Both of those are super broad subjects, so we are going to try and focus the scope a little bit and then see what we can learn this year. As a history teacher, I love both of these subjects, so I am very excited to help my kids learn more about these fascinating subjects. I am already putting documentaries on our saved list, and finding books that we can dive into together to learn more about these fun subjects.

For those of you homeschooling, share what projects you work on!

Weekends… a local myth — 2018-05-27

Weekends… a local myth

I know that I cannot be the only one who feels this way! Weekends are the time that we have to rest, recoup, and catch up on everything that didn’t get done during the week…. right? WRONG! I constantly find myself battling the weekends. I have been sitting at my computer all day, trying to get some work caught up that lagged during the week. I got a big fat ZERO accomplished today. I played on FaceBook, I planned out my weekend reading and looked over some work that needs to be done. But I just could not bring myself to get anything actually accomplished.

Each weekend, I tell myself that I will get everything done and not stress out. I am sitting here staring at a list a mile long, trying to figure out how to get it all done tomorrow so that Monday can be a full day of nothingness. After talking to a girlfriend of mine, I realized that I am not the only one who goes through this. We all suffer from the weekend loss. It seems that kids are the only ones immune from the mundane of the weekend, and that is just because they honestly do not realize how good life is for them right now.

We all hope for the best, and we look forward to resting and playing all weekend. Real life, however, is not that way. I am staring at a laundry pile that is overflowing out of my laundry room. Grocery shopping has been done, only because my husband decided to do it today. Housework – well that is a never-ending battle, right? I always pray that I can get done what I need to, and have weekends completely free. WIth kids in the house, I know that there are never going to completely “free” weekends. With Boy Scouts, summer activities, bowling, etc etc etc, there is always something going on.

I love to be busy, but there are days I really want to just sit down and do nothing. I decided to pull a little bit of fun from today, and have pulled out a cross stitching pattern I have been dying to get started. Tomorrow is another day, but it is one day closer to the weekend being over.

Sound off, and tell me how you plan your weeks and weekends! I would love to hear suggestions! I am ready to reclaim my weekends!