Caveman Supersonic

Good day, dear readers! I am going to be featuring some reviews on my blog for an upcoming book! This book is the first in the series, and it will publish in August.  The book is a memoir, the memories of the author, growing up in rural Virginia! I look forward to sharing these with you!


Review of The Caveman Supersonic: A Tale of Three Brothers

Written by: Tracy R.

Caveman Supersonic is brilliantly and emotionally written to capture the struggles, siblings rivalry, and various dynamics of a family.  It can be a little spooky at times and in some ways endearing.   

Set in the beautiful mountains of Appalachia “which are beyond description in their beauty, breathtaking, truly awe-inspiring” a boy witnesses the harsh reality of what it means to be part of a dysfunctional family.  

He is able to morph the realities that surrounded him, the impact of the Cold War, the effects of poverty, the use of drugs, and the influence of gangs are very much a part of the fabric of the small town of Floyd where he was born.

Quesenberry aptly describes the despair and raw emotions of growing up in poverty in the ’60s and ’70s and being part of a family where he feels unwanted and unloved. 

A family that at one point is doing fairly well learned that it will not last forever; 

evidence by his parents and the fragile relationship they shared with their children “the picturesque homescape begins to darken as Father and Mother’s demons start to peek out from the cracks forming in their union.”  A father who is unable to realize his dreams and who over time fell victim to alcohol that leads to the destruction of his family.  A calculating mother who “is a master of bending reality and pushing buttons, instigating, and setting traps”  is only interested in her own self-preservation.  Their children are seen as burdensome and learn quickly how to adapt to their environment.  

It is clear that favoritism was given to the firstborn, while others struggle to find their place in the family.  

The Caveman, being the one who received the most love and attention, was definitely a character that would scare anyone “Maybe this was due to his already emerging self, his true self, or perhaps there was something more to the evolution, something supernatural, something malevolent and dark.”  The Caveman himself had a deeply hidden and forbidden secret that will one day lead to his fall in society.  Even his father was terrified of him.

Animal, on the other hand, is not so fortunate to be on the receiving end of love and attention, he is considered a “third wheel”.   His presence is not appreciated by the Caveman, instead, he is “A toy for the Caveman to torment”.  

He has more in common with this father yet he is unable to bond with him maybe because he is too much like him. Despite this Animal is recognized and loved by his peers.  He has a gift of being charming and people are always drawn to him.  With his natural gifts, Animal is destined for more and when the stars are aligned he is able to fly.  Unlike the Caveman, he is able to find a few role models who look out for him and who he respects. Like his brother the Caveman, Animal also has a secret life.  

Animal is never cruel to his little brother, in fact, he has a soft spot for the little guy.  He inadvertently steps into the role of becoming a “father figure” for his little brother. 

School was not an easy place for Quesenberry, his lack of socializing with other children led to him becoming an introvert.  His attempts at making friends quickly backfires, causing him to become more withdrawn and lonely.  For a lonely boy, he is elated to spend a little time with his father and is able to experience a few good memories, suffice to say it does not last.  

Love is found at the feet of his grandfather, a man who teaches him to appreciate the mountain and its inhabitants.  His love for his grandfather is rooted in how he was able to connect with the old man maybe because he also sees in him a version of himself.  His grandfather was a positive influence in his life until death claimed him.  

Destruction and despair continue to follow the little boy.  Escape is not something that he is able to achieve, and even death is denied him.  Amid all this, he found the love of music.  A love he shared with his brother Animal.  A loving home is most certainly not part of his life, instead, he is fighting to understand his place in the family.  At an early age, he becomes calculating and plots revenge when he was wronged.  His closest friend is a witch, he found more comfort at the graveyard with her than he found at home, which is always overcrowded with extended family and strangers.

For a boy who was called names from “white trash” to “trailer trash” he surely learned how to survive and become “invisible”.  He is emotionally exhausted from the drama of his family, the near-death of his mother at the hands of the Caveman, and the failed attempt of suicide by Caveman.  

A ray of light, a hopeful and new beginning is finally being offered to the little boy but we will have to wait and see if this would be his new reality, or will his “calculating mother” ruin the little hope he has found.

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