Richard III

Richard III In The North ~A Book Review~

Richard III is one of the most controversial kings in English history. You either love him or you hate him. There really is zero in between. As I was reading through this book, there was quite a bit of history that, of course, you need where it sets up what happens, and what we are…

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The Inheritance Games

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That..

What is The Inheritance Games? When it comes to games, some are just that – games. But for some, like the inheritance game, riddles can lead to important information, and maybe an entire fortune! Avery is a normal girl, living in very not normal conditions. She excels in school but is living in her car…

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Beast and the Bethany cover

The Beast and the Bethany ~A Book Review~

Oh my goodness, I am excited to share this book review with you! There are many books out there for kids with so many characters, that many of them have a hard time trying to maintain who did what. The Beast and the Bethany is totally different. There is a small loveable cast, and they…

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Caveman Supersonic

The Caveman Supersonic ~A Hosted Book Review~

We have another review of the Caveman Supersonic! This book is available now, and can be found on Amazon! Link:   Jessica’s Review: The caveman supersonic is a beautiful memoir surrounding a troubled family in the heart of southern Virginia. The memoir which contains stories of the three brother’s lives gives us a sort…

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The Queen’s Mary ~A Book Review~

Four Mary’s sent to be of service to Mary queen of Scots as she prepares to leave Scotland and start her new life in France. Married to the dauphin, she is expected to be the queen of France for many years to come. When the young King dies early, the young queen returns home to…

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The Forgotten Ones ~A Book Review~

Danger, wonder, secrets, family, and forgiveness. This book, The Forgotten Ones, is a MUST HAVE. Elle has done a good job of managing life. Her mother is certifiable, and the mood swings can take a toll on her. However, life has a way of taking a detour, and Elle is fixing to stumble on a…

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