Lost Heirs of the Medieval Crown

When it comes to the lives of the rich and famous, we can never get enough. When it comes to royal history, the older the better. The Lost Heirs of the Medieval Crown delves into the lives of the medieval heirs were never assured, and this book goes into great detail on many of the…

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The Royal Tombs of Ancient Egypt

Calling all history lovers! When it comes to finding and dissecting information on The Royal Tombs of Ancient Egypt, there have been so many different theories thrown around. There are some huge names in the field of Egyptology, and although they may not always agree on everything, their information helps those who are interested in…

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Elizabeth’s Rival – A Book Review

Elizabeth I was the glittering jewel in her court, and she was unwilling to share any of the limelight with anyone. As her reign progressed, she made her feelings on marriage well known, and many in her court were afraid to ask her permission to get married. Some married in secret, and for those unfortunate…

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