Tutankhamun and the Tomb that Changed the World has to be one of my top reads of the year, hands down. It was perfectly put together, giving you just enough information, and explaining more complex areas that can trip up history lovers. I hope you enjoy this review, and then grab a copy of the book! I loved it!

Goodreads Excerpt for Tutankhamun and the Tomb that Changed the World:

A major new look at the treasures and mysteries of Tutankhamun’s tomb on the centenary of its discovery.

It is often thought that the story of Tutankhamun ended when the thousands of items discovered by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon were transported to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and put on display. But there is far more to Tutankhamun’s story. Tutankhamun and the Tomb that Changed the Worldexplores the 100 years of research on Tutankhamun that has taken place since the tomb’s discovery: we learn that several objects in the tomb were made of meteoritic iron that came from outer space; new evidence shows that Tutankhamun may have been a warrior who went into battle; and author Bob Brier takes readers behind the scenes of the recent CAT-scanning of his mummy to reveal secrets of the pharaoh.

The book also illustrates the wide-ranging impact the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb had on fields beyond Egyptology. Included is an examination of how the discovery of the tomb influenced Egyptian politics and contributed to the downfall of colonialism in Egypt. Outside Egypt, the modern blockbuster exhibitions that raise great sums of monies for museums around the world all began with Tutankhamun, as did the idea of documenting every object discovered in place, before it was moved. And to a great extent, the modern fascination with ancient Egypt–Egyptomania–was also greatly promoted by the Tutmania that surrounded the discovery of the tomb.

My Review:

During the excavations in the Valley of the Kings, there were tantalizing clues to the tomb of Tutankhamun, a king who previously was unknown. Additionally, other clues were found, in blocks that had been removed from temples, and reused for other building projects by later pharaohs.

When Howard Carter began digging in the Valley, he was certain that there were tombs that had not been located, and he spend years searching for them. Under the employ of Lord Carnarvon, they began working in the Valley, eventually locating a tomb that was virtually intact.

Throughout this book, Bob Brier takes us on the journey of the attempts to find Tutankhamun, the politics surrounding the opening of the tomb, and the different figures that were prevalent in the clearing of the tomb.
This was a fabulous read, and I was not ready for the book to end! I was hooked, unable to set it down. It was one of those “give me more” reads, that you look forward to. Dr. Brier has again brought a work that leaves you enthralled, waiting to see what is going to happen on the next page. While we are familiar with the many items that were found within the tomb, and the fabulous treasures it contained, there are many items that have never been properly documented, researched, or put out for viewing. There is so much more to this tomb than what we have already seen!

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