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A Light In The Labyrinth ~Book Review~ — 2018-10-31

A Light In The Labyrinth ~Book Review~

What a week it has been so far! This month has flown by, and if the rest of the year is going to be like this, well Christmas should arrive next week. I have been reading like mad, and have finished 156 books this year, but I am trying to push that number to 200.  While we are searching for new books and adventures, I have a new adventure to share with you. A Light In The Darkness published earlier this year, but I loved it! I really enjoyed this read. I am not a huge fan of the Tudor dynasty, as I prefer the Plantagenets and their buckets of crazy. However, this book was a bit different. It comes from a different perspective and one that was much appreciated.

Now, while the blog has been quiet lately, there will be more coming! I have so many things that I want to share with you! I just have to find the time to sit and write more than a short blurb for you! Now, run out to your library and check out this book! 4/5 stars! Wendy J. Dunn worked a bit of magic in this book!


Kate Carey is the daughter of Mary (Carey) Stafford, and niece to the queen of England. While she chaffs under her mothers care, angry at the world, she longs more than anything to be at court with her aunt, where she is sure that she will be more loved than she is at home.
Mary Stafford wants nothing more to protect her daughter from the intrigue at court, but she is holding secrets of her own, that Kate knows nothing about.
When Kate finally gets to court, she is blown away by the secrets and the scandal that seem to run rampant through the court. Her aunt is unhappy and seems preoccupied with everything but her niece. Kate begins to wonder if coming to court was a good idea.
As life in the palace begins to calm to a norm, more issues arise, and her aunt, Queen Anne starts to fear for her life. Factions at court are working to bring her aunt down, and Kate finds that her loyalty is pushed to new heights, defending and comforting her aunt. As the road leads to the Tower for Anne Boleyn, Kate is more determined than ever to stick next to her aunt – until whatever the end might bring.

Great read, and very enjoyable! This is one that will keep you engaged from page one. Definitely worth the read. While I am not a fan of the Tudor’s, I enjoyed this book told from the perspective of a fourteen-year-old girl, while learning an entirely new way of life.

The Darkling Bride – A Book Review — 2018-05-10

The Darkling Bride – A Book Review

If you are searching for a great read – one that is thrilling, enchanting, and just hinges on the dark… then this is the book for you!! Oh my goodness!! Total book hangover today! I could not put it down, and I had to figure out how it ended before I could sleep. Dive in and discover the delicious mystery housed within the walls of this medieval castle!


A decades old murder, and a abandoned tower that holds more than just memories…

Carrah has landed her dream job. She has been tasked with working through the library at the Gallagher castle. As they prepare to turn the castle over to the National Trust, a full inventory must be made of all the books. While she prepares to begin the monumental task of going through the thousands of books in the room, she meets the Lord of the Castle. Aiden is not your normal Viscount. He is a Detective Inspector in London, and has no time for the memories that are held within the castle walls. It might have been his inheritance, but he wants nothing to do with it.

Decades earlier, his parents were murdered in the castle. Only ten years old at the time, Aiden and his sister Kyra went to live with their Aunt Nessa in Kilkenny. The castle was shut up, except for a few workers who have maintained the home, no one has been there in years.

Carrah knows that Evan Chase, one of her favorite authors, had spent time at the castle. He married Jenny, daughter of the viscount, and agreed to remain there with her, due to the “delicate health” that she suffered from. But Jenny begins to lose her grasp on reality, and refuses to accept her son as such. She is convinced that he is a changling, an imposter. Nothing her family can do can change her mind about the child. When Jenny commits suicide, Evan leaves the castle for London, abandoning the book on the Darkling Bride that he had been working on.

The Darkling Bride – an old Irish legend which haunts the castle. Happiness never seems to last for the Gallaghers who reside within its walls, and the Darkling Bride is always lurking within the mists surrounding the castle.

As Carrah and Aiden become closer, the castle begins to share some of the secrets held within. As they work together to solve a riddle that his mother had left behind decades earlier, they find a lot more than a birthday present stashed away….

Murder, family secrets, and intrigue come together to weave a spellbinding story – one that you cannot walk away from until you have finished! I can not say enough about this book! I LOVED IT! I have a book hangover from reading through – it was that good! Grab your copy today and get lost in the Irish legends, a haunted castle, and one explosive secret…

Thank you NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book, for an unbiased review.

The Forgotten Ones – A Book Review — 2018-03-24

The Forgotten Ones – A Book Review

Alright ya’ll – I have a new book review for you – and I guarentee, this is one book that you are going to want to add to your pre-order list today! The Forgotten Ones by Steena Holmes releases on 1 April 2018.

5/5 stars

Danger, wonder, secrets, family, and forgiveness. This book is a MUST HAVE.

Elle has done a good job of managing life. Her mother is certifiable, and the mood swings can take a toll on her. However, life has a way of taking a detour, and Elle is fixing to stumble on a huge secret – one that her mother has kept buried for years.

When Anna Marie was growing up, she had a rather dysfunctional childhood. Her father was a long haul trucker and her mother – well her mother lived in a world all her own. Gertie lost many of her children, and they were all buried in the backyard. David would weave stories for his little daughter, weaving a fantasy world that will stay with Anna Marie for the remainder of her life. As much as she loathed her parents, she used that same fantasy world with her daughter Elle.

Brennley, Elle’s best friend and roommate is also a fellow nurse. Together they weather the storm of losing patients and battling the emotions that come with it. Brenn and Elle balance each other out. While Brenn knows the background of Elle’s mother, their past is as much of a secret to her. One of her patients, a man dying of cancer, becomes more than just a patient. Brennley is becoming more and more attached to the lonely older man. But as they become closer – a bit of Elle’s past is opened. Brennley calls her, reading a letter that David has written. She believes that Elle is the granddaughter of the man in the hospital bed. Elle does not think so, her grandparents are dead – it is what she has always been led to believe. But secrets have way of reaching the surface and this one is about to put her entire family on a roller coaster that is going to take many twists and turns. Buckle your seat belt, and get ready for a story that will literally knock your socks off!

A missing child, an imaginary friend, and the secrets of the past have come back to haunt Elle. As she listens to the stories that David tells her from his hospital bed, she believes that they are made up – at least at first. As her mother becomes more and more unhinged, Elle begins to wonder what really happened, and who Bella really was.
By continuing to delve into her mothers past, she begins to push against the history that she has been told, and comes to not only love her grandfather, but wonder what her own future is going to hold. But before her world entirely gets turned upside down, there is one major secret that her grandfather has been hiding – and it could entirely destroy her mother.

OH MY GOODNESS. When you sit down to read this book – do not start it late at night! Book hangover material! The twists and turns that Steena Holmes weaves will keep you guessing, and wondering. As the story progresses, you begin to really feel sorry for David. Choosing between a wife or a daughter is not a decision any person should have to make, but when you are hiding an even darker secret – life becomes a torment. Elle is determined to find the truth, but her mother is becoming more and more unhinged.

This book is one that will make you laugh, it will make you angry. It will leave you horrified and mystified. Ya’ll this book has it all! There are no disappointments, no letdowns, just page turning electricity.