Get ready for a book that is going to jump you through a few timelines, and leave you wondering what could have been.

Grace Darling is the lighthouse keeper’s daughter. She loves her life on the island, the quiet and the seclusion. One night is going to change all of that with the shipwreck that happens close to their lighthouse. She is thrust into the limelight and gains notoriety that she does not want. She was doing her job and preferred for it to be left as such.

Matilda Emerson is a woman in disgrace. Pregnant and unmarried, she is shuffled out of Ireland to a distant relative in America. As their tenuous relationship progresses, Matilda learns that there is much more to Harriet than she first thought – and she is determined to learn the truth.

My Review of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter:

This was a fabulous book and one that I truly enjoyed reading! The timelines are laid out easily enough so that you don’t get lost, and the stories intertwine neatly, leaving you satisfied at the end. I enjoyed the twists and turns (not sharing those, you have to read for yourself), and the threads that pull neatly together to reveal the stubborn courage of these women – and their connections to the lighthouse.

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