Harrow Lake ~Book Review~

Harrow Lake is a thriller is going to keep you up at night and give you nightmares! There is NO WAY this is a young adult book! The Write Reads has a new blog tour that I am delighted to take part in. This was a book that I was wanting to read. After I…

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Coronavirus and Books

Have you seen the widespread panic over the Coronavirus? I am sure that it has been unable to be ignored, depending on where you are living. We are watching stores selling out of food and other items. But, we need to think of something positive too – and I have just the thing. BOOKS! Well,…

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The 21 - Coptic Martyrs

A Review of “THE 21” – Living By Faith

Good day, dear readers! I am back with another review! This one was a fabulous and heartbreaking read. I hope that each of you will take the time to read it, and learn more about the 21 martyrs who were killed, just for staying convicted and living their faith. Although I have the review below,…

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