Have you seen the widespread panic over the Coronavirus? I am sure that it has been unable to be ignored, depending on where you are living. We are watching stores selling out of food and other items. But, we need to think of something positive too – and I have just the thing. BOOKS!

Well, if you are surrounded by books, then I have some good news! With some of the closures going on, for my book lovers out there- this means that there is now time to get caught up on all the books that you have been wanting to read!

I am beyond excited to get a little more reading time, I am not going to lie! I have so many books that I want and need to finish, and not having to worry about getting kids up for school, or heading out for different activities means that I can sit and read or craft to my heart’s desire. I am setting a goal to get through 20 books in the next couple of weeks. Time to get caught up on my NetGalley and Edelweiss lists!

Here is a list of books that I am wanting to read over the next couple of weeks:

  1. King Arthur
  2. How to Survive in Ancient Egypt
  3. Rebellion Against Henry III
  4. The Mighty Warrior Kings
  5. The Man Behind The Tudors
  6. A history of Magic and Witchcraft
  7. The Perfect Father
  8. Serial Killers
  9. Olive the Lionheart
  10. The Curse of the Black Eyed Kids
  11. A Life In The Age of Pompeii
  12. Opium and Ansinthe
  13. American Rebels
  14. The Caribbean Irish
  15. Blood and Ivy
  16. The Emerald Dress
  17. The First Lady and the Rebel
  18. Women of Power In Anglo-Saxon England
  19. The Paris Library
  20. The Fire and the Darkness
  21. The Land Beyond the Sea

I am sure there are more that I can add to this list, but these are the few that I am really wanting to tackle and get finished! What is on your reading list?


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