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The Witch of Willow Hall ~A Book Review~ — 2018-10-08

The Witch of Willow Hall ~A Book Review~

Good day readers! What a start to October! This month is already flying, and I am not entirely sure where the time has gone! There are still so many things that I want to share with you this year, and I feel like my time is running out too quickly! I am going to make the most of what I have so there will be quite a few new books reviews coming your way, as well as some other exciting things! I hope that you will enjoy it!

But this book is one for the MUST READ LIST. I know that I share this with you at times, but there are some books that stick out more than others, and this book was one of those. I sat down to read, and was so drawn into the story, that I had to remind myself at times, that there are tiny humans in my house that I must take care of from time to time (I jest, I do care for them always, but there are times that I really just want to read and forget all other responsibilities).

The Witch of Willow Hall by Hester Fox is a fabulous read! I cannot say enough good things about it! 5/5 stars! Really, get this added to your read list, and then tell me what you think about it! There are so many different aspects to this book. Love, joy, sorrow, secrets and more! When you try and narrow down just one thing about this book, there is no way!

Here is a short review:

Lydia has a gift that she has no idea exists. When she is angry things happen…

Lydia Montrose and her family have left Boston due to rumors circulating around town regarding her family. While her sister Catherine does not care what people think, it is hurting the family and the business her father is in. So they head off to Willow Hall, to start fresh and begin a new life.
There, they meet their father’s new business partner, Mr. Barrett. Lydia is smitten with him, but as always, her sister Catherine seems to hold sway with all the men.
When tragedy strikes the family, things begin to shift. Lydia begins to see ghosts, not only of her sister, but of two women, and a little boy that seems to be somewhat of a prankster.
Lydia knows she has to do something, but she is not sure what she can do to put her sister to rest, and also to claim the happiness that she so desires with Mr. Barrett.

This book was amazing! I started it and then got sidetracked with life, but when I picked it up and started reading again, I was hooked! I could not put it down, I had to know what happened next! This is definitely a MUST read for the year!

Final Thoughts:

Okay, like I said – I cannot recommend this book enough. I would love to hear from you and get your thoughts on it! There is so much that I want to say about it, but I do not want to ruin the read for you! This is a book that you have to experience for yourself! I look forward to your comments and sharing a great discussion on this book!

The Lost Letters Of William Woolf ~A Book Review~ — 2018-09-25

The Lost Letters Of William Woolf ~A Book Review~

Good day, dear readers! I have such an exciting book to share with you, and one that needs to be on your pre-order list NOW! The Lost Letters of William Woolf is a book that has mystery, intrigue, a little love lost, and SO MUCH MORE! Oh my goodness, I sat down and read this in one sitting! It was that good! Now, this book does not release until next year, but I promise it is one that you are going to really enjoy!

I hope that when you get the chance to read this book that you will love it as much as I have! Let me know your thoughts!


William works as a lost letter detective. When letters and packages are lost on their way to their destinations, they come to his department. He must try and find the person they were intended for, or else they perish into the flames of the incinerator.

While his work life can be dull, it seems to be slipping into his personal life as well. The smooth marriage he once had is now falling apart. Claire seems withdrawn and holding resentment for everything that he does. He is not perfect enough, looking for sufficient achievement, and she is tired of being the primary breadwinner of the family. William is working on a book, but that too seems to have fallen by the wayside. He holds onto hopes of writing a book about the lost letters, but his boss does not full seem on board with the idea. He feels they are too personal to share with the entire world. William feels otherwise, he thinks they should be shared with the greater public. You never know who might be reading! What a way to find someone!

When he receives letters from “Winter” in his pile, he is drawn to a woman he has never met, and wonders what it would be like to meet her, and if they are destined for each other. Even though he knows its stupid, and he is married, he cannot help himself from going to look for her, and to solve the mystery of the many letters that she has been sending.

~Closing Thoughts~

This book was fantastic! I loved it! The many twists and turns of the book, leave you wondering what will happen next! Hard to put down and definitely one that should be on the top of everyone’s list of must reads! Y’all, I think this is going to be one of those books that will fly off the shelves. The stories and the hopes – it makes you wonder what happens in mailrooms today! Do they really look this hard to find the owners of these letters, or are they merely thrown into a fire to be destroyed once and for all? I would love to think that somewhere, there is a William Woolf who is trying to bring letters and packages back to their rightful owners.

Release Date: 4 June 2019

Author: Helen Cullen

Rating: 5/5 stars


Thank you to NetGalley and Edelweiss for an advanced copy of this book! I have read and given it a fair and honest review.


The Abbots Tale by Conn Iggulden – A Book Review — 2018-04-21

The Abbots Tale by Conn Iggulden – A Book Review

Well, I have another review for you! If you enjoy historical fiction – then you will really enjoy this book. There were times I hated the characters, there were times I loved them, but through it all – the book pulled together really well, and it covered a person who has largely been forgotten in history. I have given this book 4/5 stars.


England was far from settled, and the early days of the country are beset by death, turmoil, and of course, a few great men who would rise from the ashes…

Dunstan came from humble beginnings. While his father was a well known lord, Dunstan was a lesser son. He and his brother would have to work for whatever they wanted to achieve in life, while their older brother would inherit the bulk of their fathers estate.

Dunstan and his brother Wulfric are taken to the abbey at Glastonbury, to work and to eventually take holy orders. They are to be taught, and guided. Life for the boys was not easy, and Wulfric suffered much more than Dunstan. Dunstan is a quick learner, and he picks up everything that is brought his way. From the forge, to herbs, to devouring the languages presented, he grows and yearns to learn more. He wants to build, design and bring the abbey into a new life. As the time at the abbey goes forward, Dunstan pulls a stunt that he says had him “carried by angels.” This of course makes the abbey more popular, as everyone wants to see the boy who has been touched – but it also marks a turning point in his life. While he does his best to get rid of the bullies and those who have wronged him – it turns against him, and they accuse him of murder. He begs his teacher for confession, and then pulls him over the cliff with him. As Dunstan struggles to get to the kind lady Elflaed, he hopes that they have not left him behind. Yet, she is there waiting for him when he stumbles out of the woods, broken, dirty, and exhausted.

After that, life takes Dunstan on a new road.  Lady Elflaed takes him to court where she introduces him to her brother, the king. He also meets his uncle, who is a very well known bishop in England. He is eventually confirmed in his holy orders, although the king at the time does not take kindly to Dunstan. He is sent away to be the Abbot for the Glastonbury abbey, and to fulfill the vision of rebuilding and growing the community. He is met with some dissension at first, but as time goes on, the priests settle back into a routine. Dunstan however, is not done. He becomes treasurer for the next king, and serves him faithfully, as he does the next several kings.

Dunstan is a figure that is enigmatic. He could have been killed any number of times, but he always managed to survive. He worked for what he wanted, but as a priest – he still suffered from the fall of pride. Any injustice to him had to be answered, and that included kidnapping a queen and selling her into slavery for the pain and embarrassment she caused him. He plotted and carried out his plans carefully, selecting those who were indebted to him (and not letting them forget it either). In his own way, he was exactly what many of the upper clergy of the time had become. They had their wealth squirreled away, and were their own tiny kingdoms in a larger kingdom. He served those faithfully who supported him, and did his best to raise them up when he could, but his temper would always get the best of him.

I did enjoy this book, although there were several times that Dunstan really got on my nerves! He was that character that you really want to hate, but at the same time, you want to see what happens to them. He is someone that has not been written about extensively, and Conn Iggulden did a great job in bringing this forgotten life back to the world of the living.

This book is due out May 1, 2018. Put it on your pre-order list now! Thanks to Edelweiss for an advanced copy for a unbiased review!