Every now and again, we need to do a giveaway. What better way to start than with a kids book giveaway. I have a copy of The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdom (hardcover) up for grabs! Do you want to win this copy!? Keep reading to find out more! Most of ya'll know by now, that … Continue reading Winter Kids BOOK GIVEAWAY!

The Royal Art of Poison ~A Book Review~

Good day, dear readers!! It has been a little bit since I have brought you a new book to peruse through. This summer has been super busy, and we have been on the go, but there is always time for reading! I have some fabulous reviews to be bringing your way. I don't know about … Continue reading The Royal Art of Poison ~A Book Review~

The Darkling Bride – A Book Review

If you are searching for a great read - one that is thrilling, enchanting, and just hinges on the dark... then this is the book for you!! Oh my goodness!! Total book hangover today! I could not put it down, and I had to figure out how it ended before I could sleep. Dive in … Continue reading The Darkling Bride – A Book Review