Every now and again, we need to do a giveaway. What better way to start than with a kids book giveaway. I have a copy of The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdom (hardcover) up for grabs! Do you want to win this copy!? Keep reading to find out more!

Most of ya’ll know by now, that I am a huge reader. But I want to encourage kids to read more as well. I have two littles that are starting to get more into reading, but it was a push there for a bit. They are more like their dad, in that reading is not first on their list of “fun activities,” but still one that I think needs to be nurtured. By sharing books with my kids, and showing them the adventures that are awaiting between the pages of books, they are slowly drawing more and more into “reading can be fun” frame of mind.

I am going to make this super easy to enter! To enter the giveaway:

  1. Drop a comment on the blog, and tell me why you want to win or read this book!
  2. Tweet or put a message on social media and TAG ME! duchessofreadin on Twitter, and A Tale Of Two Pages on Facebook.
  3. Share this blog post!

Super easy right??

This contest will run through midnight EST on 14 December 2018.

Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdom


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