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I was privileged to read this fantastic book, and am so excited to share it with you! Our Flag Was Still There by Tom McMillan is a powerful and inspiring read. He shares the history of where our national anthem comes from, and the family who cared for the flag that flew over Fort McHenry during its bombardment during the War of 1812. This is one book that everyone should have on their read list!

Rating: 5/5 stars

Wow! Get ready for a history of the American Flag and the Star Spangled Banner like never before!

Tom McMillan dove into the history of the Star Spangled Banner, from its inception on a piece of paper, to where it now stands as the national anthem for the United States. Through its long history, the flag that flew over Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, has finally found its forever home in the Smithsonian Museum of American History. However, before that, it was cared for by the Armistead family, and lovingly cherished throughout its time, until it was donated so that millions of visitors could view the beloved flag.

The history of the Armistead family is also interestingly laid out, and there is much to learn! I enjoyed every aspect of it, from the War of 1812, through the Civil War and beyond.

There has been some controversy around the wording of the Star Spangled Banner, but we have to remember that we are looking at it through modern eyes. When it comes to history, we need to step back and take into perspective the happenings and the world that was there. The meanings of the different verses, specifically verse three are laid out, and talked through. McMillan draws on multiple sources, and brings to light the true meaning of these words, and the fervor that was behind them.

This book was brilliantly put together and I enjoyed each moment with this book. It is one that I am definitely going to be recommending to my students to read.

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