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Who is ready for some fun summer reads? As we prepare for summer, it is time to find those vacation reads! HarperCollins has some fantastic books available, that will keep you company on these warm, sunny days.

The Officer and The Spy – Jenny Ashcroft

Blurb: Under the Cretan sun, in the summer of 1936, two young people fall in love…

Eleni has been coming to Crete her entire life, swapping her English home for cherished sun-baked summers with her grandfather in his idyllic shoreside villa. When she arrives in 1936, she believes the long, hot weeks ahead will be no different to so many that have gone before.

But someone else is visiting the island that year too: a young German man called Otto. And so begins a summer of innocence lost, and love discovered; one that is finite, but not the end.

When, in 1941, the island falls to a Nazi invasion, Eleni and Otto meet there once more. But this time Eleni has returned to fight for her home, and Otto to occupy it. They are enemies, and their love is not only treacherous, but also dangerous. But will it destroy them, or prove strong enough to overcome the ravages of war?

An epic tale of secrets, love, loyalty, family and how far you’d go to keep those you love safe, The Officer and The Spy is an exquisite and deeply moving love letter to Crete – one that will move every reader to tears.

My Review: What a fantastic story! This was super hard to put down, and I enjoyed each and every page. The story of Eleni and Otto was fascinating. Otto, a young German officer, does not hold to everything that his country is doing – and you can see the struggle that he is going through. Eleni exudes a quiet strength, and when the two come together, WOW!

This was a great read and one that you are going to truly enjoy!

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Available: Available now!

The Officer and the Spy


The German Messenger – M. J. Hollows

Blurb: As the bombs fall, the race to save her son begins. Liverpool, 1940. Journalist Ruth Holt is struggling in the terror of the Blitz when her young son is suddenly snatched away in broad daylight. Soon after, the kidnappers’ demands arrive. They are working with the Nazis, and she has no choice but to co-operate, or the authorities will learn that she is harbouring secrets of her own. Ruth’s job gives her access to critical information, and if she does not share it with Britain’s enemies, her child will face the consequences. Desperate, she falsifies information, lying to everyone: her employers, her family and her lover. But as the demands increase, the knife edge she walks on grows increasingly thin. If she falls, she will never save her son.

My Review: Oh goodness. As a mother, there were parts of this story that infuriated me, but like our main heroine, I would go to the ends of the earth to protect my babies. As the second great war is beginning, there are many with sympathies toward what the Germans are doing – but there is a lot in this story that is going to draw at your heartstrings. It was a hard, but amazing read, and I could not put this one down! Perfect for a weekend at the beach!

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Available: Available now

The German Messenger


Her Last Betrayal – Pam Lecky

Blurb: Spying on the enemy is a dangerous game…

London, 1941
After losing her family to a Nazi bomb attack back home in Ireland, Sarah Gillespie joins the British Secret Services to bring them justice.

Partnered with an American undercover agent, Lieutenant Tony Anderson, Sarah embarks on a dangerous mission that takes her from war-torn London into the black mountains of Wales. But when one of her team is revealed to be a German mole, and enemies begin to close in, what price will Sarah have to pay to save her country, and to save herself?

A gripping and thrilling tale about one woman’s bravery in WW2 Britain, perfect for fans of Kate Quinn’s THE ALICE NETWORK, Suzanne Goldring’s MY NAME IS EVA and Ariel Lawhon’s CODE NAME HÉLÈNE.

My Review: Absolutely, hands down, one of my favorite reads of this year. Looking to avenge the deaths of her family, Sarah joins the British Secret Service, and begins working to help bring an end to war, the best that she can. She is entirely dedicated to her work, going on a dangerous mission. But when someone is determined to be a mole, the mission and work become that much more dangerous.

I seriously could not put this book down. Talk about a book hangover the next day at work! This was a charged read, as you are holding your breath, waiting to see what is going to happen next.

Perfection in a book!

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Available: Available now!

Her Last Betrayal


These three books are beyond amazing! Get ready for some fun adventures!

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  1. Thanks so much for the super review – glad you enjoyed it. Pam

    1. Rebecca Hill

      Thank you!! Have a fabulous remainder of your summer!

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