Good day, dear readers! I found a new series, the Haunted Village, that I absolutely devoured. I mean, read all nine books in a matter of three days, and devoured them. For those who love horror, then I cannot wait to introduce you to this series!

I was introduced to these books by the publisher, Scare Street. I have been doing advanced reading for them on some books for a couple of years. While I enjoy almost all of what I read from them, Ron Ripley has become one of my favorite, must-read authors. His stories have that “it could almost happen” ring to them, and I have truly never been disappointed by his stories.

This series is one that all horror lovers should read. It is just that fabulous! A madman has decided to create a village, filling it with haunted houses. But he is not content to stop there. He wants to conduct experiments, using live people, most of whom are kidnapped and released into the village. Some will survive, most will not.

The books are:

Worthe’s Village

Hell’s Hammer

Butcher’s Hands

Soul Harvest

Poisonous Whispers

Brutal Lessons

Christopher’s Blade

Silent Death

Deranged Souls

Seriously, get this series and read it! You will love it!

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