Tuskegee Strangler

Linda Lou Long takes us into the mind of the serial killer, Jerry Marcus, who evaded police scrutiny for years. While he might have been suspect in some crimes, he was so nice and easy going, that no one suspected that he might just be capable of murder… and more than one murder at that. Known now as the Tuskegee Strangler, this case is going to surprise you!

Jerry Marcus had a rough upbringing, one of domestic abuse and violence. He thought he could escape it. He worked hard, was an athlete, and was dedicated to whatever job he put his mind to. However, he was a serial womanizer, moving from relationship to relationship, fathering several children along the way. Some of his girlfriends would change the locks so he could not return, while he just disappeared out of the lives of others.

As Jerry got his start in killing, he knew he had to be careful. After all, he didn’t mean to kill those women, at least that is what he told himself. After a 13-year period where he managed to walk mostly straight and narrow, Jerry started killing again, this time in more rapid succession, and leaving evidence behind of his crimes.

My Review of the Tuskegee Stranger:

This was an interesting book. It is laid out very methodically, with the author relying on many of the interviews and correspondence that she shared with Jerry Marcus. He was linked to his crimes after an arrest when he started telling them about the line of bodies attached to his name.
Are there other victims? More than likely, but unless he decides to share, no one will ever know.

Great book and an enticing read. For true crime lovers, this is a great one to pick up!

Thank you to WildBlue Press for a copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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