Every now and then, we forget something. Everyone does it. Some people are more forgetful than others. But, have you ever wondered what happens when something? Well, let’s take a look at the Forgettery!

Amelia and her grandmother wander into the woods and lose track of time. Worse still, they forget the way home! As they walk deeper into the forest, they find The Forgettery, a place where everything goes that you forget. Each person has a room, and how it is, depends on the number of things that you have forgotten.

Amelia and her Granny wander through their rooms, looking at all the memories of the past. Granny enjoys her time inspecting her old memories. While Amelia’s room is much smaller, there were still fun things to find.

My Review of The Forgettery

Oh my goodness! What an adorable book! I enjoyed reading through this one, and the fun little story. The illustrations are well done, and the story flows easily, sure to keep kids engaged from start to finish.

This beautiful book gives children a way to learn about dementia and memory loss. While it is sometimes easy to forget things, some are upset when everyday memories and items are forgotten.

I highly recommend this amazing little book! You are going to love the images, the story, and the overall message contained within. One of the sweetest books I have read this year.

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