Throne of Fire cover

Save the world and survive!? Nothing to it! Join the Kane siblings as they work through another harrowing adventure and save the world from being engulfed in Chaos.

Apophis is close to escaping the prison that he was cast into thousands of years ago, and the Kane’s have to find the three parts of the Scroll of Ra to prevent it from happening. Only thing is, they have to find Ra as well and awaken him from the sleep that he was put into by Isis in favor of her son Horus. But they know they have one chance, and they cannot fail or the entire world is finished.
Sadie and Carter have some differences of opinions at times, and both are just as determined to get their way. Sadie wants a day off, (right in the middle of the world falling apart), so she takes off for her birthday, and ends up in trouble instead. But when Carter decides to follow a clue to find Zia, it could not have come at the worst time. The window for what they have to do closing fast, but he runs off to find her,and get a couple of surprises in the process.
As Sadie and Carter reunite to find Ra, they know they are almost out of time, but they have to do everything within their power to keep the world from falling apart, and keeping Menshikov from unleashing a power worse than what they have faced before…

This book was GREAT! I loved reading through it and was captivated from page one! I cannot wait to dive into the next books to find out what happens next! Next couple of years, I will start reading these aloud to my boys, I think they are perfect adventures with a little history thrown in.

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