*This book has a few triggers, so consider this your warning*

When a perfectly healthy man drops dead, the police and medical examiner are baffled. What could have caused this man to die? His wife is convinced he was murdered, and she is going to do everything she can to help the police figure out what happened. Get ready for a crime that is going to run you through a gambit of emotions. You will question people that knew the killer, wondering why no one thought to say anything. But you will find a book that is going to grab you from the first page and refuse to let you leave until you have finished the very last word. Pick up A Taste for Murder now!

Book Synopsis:

After the death of Frank Rodriguez, Angie Rodriguez is convinced that someone killed her husband. She is no stranger to death, having lost an infant daughter years earlier (wait till this story is presented in the book), been through several marriages (all divorces), and lived a life that would make most cringe. *First trigger is for the early life of Angie.* She carefully lays out her story, sobbing at all the right moments, helping police along in their investigation. At first, there is nothing suspicious about it, but the longer the medical examiner takes in determining the cause of death, the longer it takes for the insurance payout to happen. With no money, Angie becomes desperate, constantly calling, trying to figure out what is going on, what do they know, have they investigated certain people… really pushing the police along, thinking they are playing right into her hand.
Carefully, she walks them through what happened, pointing out possible people that might have it out for her husband, and then waits. She makes a point to continually keep in touch with the police, wanting to know what is going on — and it is not long before the suspicion of the murder falls onto her — and the police are determined to bring her to justice.

Thus begins a game of cat and mouse, where the mouse is unaware that she is within the sights of the police, until the very end. It was a complicated and carefully thought-out murder. The aftermath was almost as well-orchestrated until Angie overplayed her hand. This is one crime where you are truly rooting for the police and the capture of a person so cold, that they could even THINK about pulling off a crime of this magnitude – without any thought of anyone but themselves.

My Thoughts:

This was a book that is going to keep you riveted from the very beginning. The senselessness of the murder, as well as the absolute disdain of the person who committed it — just leaves you speechless at times. I found that I bounced between pity and anger, horror, and then just complete amazement at the audacity of a killer. What happens on TV is never what happens in real life — and thankfully Angie was caught before she could hurt too many more people.
For the lovers of true crime, this is one story that will not leave you disappointed!

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