Terror Town USA

Welcome to Terror Town, USA. The hunt for a killer is on, summer is beating down, and a town is learning that they were not as safe as they thought they were…

*Warning – this book contains graphic scenes, and some of them are not for the faint of heart.*

They say nothing good happens after dark, and the residents of Joliet, Illinois were about to discover how true that actually was.

During the summer of 1983, a serial killer stalked the streets, killing almost at random. The residents were scared, people started locking their doors, and young couples thought twice about visiting lovers lane. But they soon discovered that it wasn’t only the dark they had to be fearful of. When four women were murdered on a Saturday morning, the realization that true evil was in their midst, was very plain to see. The townspeople wanted answers. They were angry that their terror was being splashed across the pages of newspapers across the nation. But the serial killer was not quite finished yet. Terror Town USA was fixing to become more than just a headline, it was real life.

What law enforcement, and many residents were unaware of, was that a convicted rapist had been released back into their midst. He was careful to lay low, and stay off the radar, but throughout the investigation, he surfaced.

Serial killers can often blend to their surroundings, leave very little trace evidence behind, and elude law enforcement – for a time. While DNA and forensics were not as strong as they are today, there were still things that could be done in 1983. With the help of a witness, a survivor of the bloodbath, the serial killer was eventually identified.

Join the hunt for a killer, the twists, unknowns, and brutal summer that visited Joliet, Illinois. This book is one that true crime fans are going to enjoy!

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