Today, I am reviewing the book “Heiresses” by Laura Thompson. I was provided a copy of this book by NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for an honest and unbiased review.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Available: Now

I gave this book three stars, but would usually give it two. I bumped to three based on the fact that while some of the information was interesting – I did not enjoy the narrator (the author), and the book was rather jumpy. Audiobooks allow me to listen while I am working, cleaning, or other items that need to be done. I enjoy them, and listen to them often. Maybe a different narrator would have made a difference… I don’t know

Review of Heiresses

History is one of my favorite areas. I read, live, breathe, and teach it. When I saw this book, and that Heiresses had an audio version, I thought it was perfect! I could “Read” while I was working. I just COULD NOT get into the book! As I was listening to the audio version of this book, I found myself wishing over and over that I had just requested a copy of the book to read. I might have enjoyed it more.
When we think of heiresses, we want the gossip, the background, the stories of these women. I felt much of it was glossed over, and it read more like a research paper than a book. It seemed as though the author had different trains of thought as she would jump through different names, leaving the person listening a little confused. I stopped listening while I was working, hoping that if I paid more attention, it would be easier to follow. Nope.
As I was listening, I found myself jotting down names that I could go and find more information. I was disappointed with some of the lack of background on some of the young women.

While there is some great research in this book, it just felt disjointed, and not fully thought out. There were too many choppy portions, and some of it just felt rather dry.
I may try to find a copy of this book later – to see if I enjoy it more just reading through it, but we shall see. Great idea for a book, just needs some smoothing to be completely seamless.

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