WARNING: Vampire: The Richard Chase Murders contains graphic scenes. This is not for the faint of heart.

Richard Chase became one of the worst serial killers that the United States has seen. It was not the body count, but the brutality that he inflicted on his victims that put him toward the top. While he had some mental issues, he knew right from wrong, and tried to cover his tracks.

This book was one that is going to stay with me a while. The graphic descriptions of the crime scenes rather got to me, and they usually don’t. But these were different. These brutal and horrific crimes are among some of the worst that I have ever read or studied. Richard Chase should be included in more case studies, due to the nature of his crimes.

Richard Chase was convicted of his crimes, although his lawyer tried to plead insanity. But there were too many conflicting areas for him to be deemed insane. He tried to cover his tracks to and from crime scenes (even parking farther away so as to not have his car recognized).

Overall, this was a great read, but caution on the crime scene descriptions, they will turn even the strongest stomach!

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