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I have a new book to share with you from WildBlue Press, and this one is fabulous! Satin Pumps is available now! I enjoyed it, but you are going to see below that this book holds more than just a good murder – it should make you angry as well! Tell me what you think!

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My Review of Satin Pumps

Murder and Mistresses – the two seem to go hand in hand. If you have a mistress, then someone is going to wind up dead, and never count out a woman scorned. The murder of Barbara Finch, the wife of Dr. Bernard Finch was a scandal that rocked a nation. One trial was not good enough – there had to be three.
From start to finish, the entire affair was scandalous, and how Bernie Finch ever thought that he would get away with this is beyond me. What threw me for a loop, if I am being totally honest, was that after three trials that neither Bernie nor Carole were given the death penalty – and somehow even managed to get out of jail on parole! What!? How does that happen!? He killed the mother of his children – for what? A pretty face?

I was literally dripping anger when I got to that part of the book. I enjoyed the book, and learning more about this horrid crime. But I wanted them to be held more accountable. How.. after being convicted of murder Bernie Finch was able to get his medical license re-instated? Am I overlooking something? How is a world of law and order (America) does this even happen? Sure, people change, but once you kill someone (because you love your money and mistress more than you wife) can you even think about having a normal life?

Okay, rant over.. maybe. I did enjoy the book. It was well-written and a good read. Just be prepared for a swing of emotions – because by the end, I was totally invested in these people!

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