Famous Last Words book cover

“Any last words?” We are all familiar with this line, but many of the famous last words of the condemned, not so much.

We have all heard the stories of the last words spoken before someone is put to death. Usually, it was in cases of medieval beheadings, etc. But this book goes beyond that, taking into account different cases over history, and sharing the crimes, the verdicts, and the final walks of those convicted, giving us a more full story of the punishment – and the crime. These famous last words are ones that you might not forget easily.

For true crime lovers, this is a great delve into different cases, horrendous murders, and those convicted. For historians, its a glance back into the past, and the immortal last words spoken by those condemned. Chris Wood went above and beyond the expectations I had for this book (even though I thought it sounded fabulous from the title, I was not sure how the content would be arranged), but it was easy to read, and the facts and cases keep you pulled in. Prepare for a book hangover, because once you start this book, you will not be able to put it down until you have finished the last sentence.

I absolutely loved this book! 5/5 stars from me! I want to thank Pen and Sword for an ARC copy of this book. The opinions above are my own. Famous Last Words will publish on 30 April 2021.

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