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It is time for another review, The Cousins, albeit a little late (sorry). This year has been flying by, and it seems that finding time to actually write the review is harder to find!

No family is ever perfect, but there are some that seem more dysfunctional than others. Cue, the Story family. Some family secrets are fun, some are deadly. The Story cousins are about to find out what is going in their not-so-perfect family and discover that maybe they should have left the past alone. Each of their parents was disinherited with a single sentence from their mother, and while they are all curious as to why that was, it might have been better to walk away – even with all the money at stake.

The Cousin’s Blurb:

The Storys are the envy of their neighbours: owners of the largest property on their East Coast island, they are rich, beautiful, and close. Until it all falls apart. The four children are suddenly dropped by their mother with a single sentence:

You know what you did.

They never hear from her again.

Years later, when 18-year-old cousins Aubrey, Milly, and Jonah Story receive a mysterious invitation to spend the summer at their grandmother’s resort, they have no choice but to follow their curiosity and meet the woman who’s been such an enigma their entire lives.

This entire family is built on secrets, right? It’s the Story legacy.

This summer, the teenagers are determined to discover the truth at the heart of their family. But some secrets are better left alone.


My Review of The Cousins:

Wow, this was a book that was hard to put down! It is one that you are not going to want to start at night when you have to be up early the next morning. I am going to admit, I was stuck in the book until it was finished, and paid for it the next day. When you add in a family secret, a little murder, and a lot of what could go wrong, you are left with a book that is going to keep you enthralled until the end!

As I was reading through this book, I had a few places where I felt that maybe teenagers would not react that way (but it has been a while since I was a teenager). I did enjoy the overall tone and storyline (no pun intended), as we worked through the mystery surrounding the Story family. This is one that you need to add to your MUST READ LIST, and do it soon! This book will have you wishing for just a bit more at the end!

2 Thoughts to “The Cousins: Be Careful What You Wish For..”

  1. Ellie Rayner

    Loved your review! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Rebecca Hill

      I was pleasantly surprised 🙂 It was an interesting read.

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