Caveman Supersonic

It is my turn to share my review of The Caveman Supersonic! Read my review, see the secrets of small-town America, and then grab this memoir for yourself!

This tale is told from the perspective of the author at a young age. As he navigates through the changes in his childhood, there are many different things going on, and our young narrator lays out the challenges of growing up in Southwest Virginia.

My Review of The Caveman Supersonic

This book was interesting, and yet, in some places hard to read. While I was reading through, there are places where you want to reach out with a hug, and then there are persons mentioned in the book that you wish you could take a fly swatter to.
Southwest Virginia has a flair all of its own, but our narrator lays out the challenges of growing up in a small town, and the relationships with his brothers during their formative years. Through the many changes and twists of childhood, we see a story of redemption, growth, and eventual freedom. Freedom comes at a cost (when does it not), but nothing is without heartbreak.

While this is a really fabulous view into small-town America, this book comes with several heartbreaking stories and a eyes open view of the world that one so young should not have had. I highly recommend this one!

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