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I love history! It is one of the best subjects (according to me, anyway), and I love finding new and great books to share! I have several that I want to share with you from Pen and Sword Publishers. They are amazing! If you love history, they are among the best out there! Check out these titles! Don’t forget to check out the Pen and Sword website for a treasure trove of great books!


Anna Komnene and the Alexiad

Available now!

My Rating: 4/5

I really loved this book! Anna Komnene was a woman who was underrated for her time. Women have not been given the proper due through the ages through history. While we are aware and know of them, we have not necessarily given them the deep dive and scrutiny that they deserve.

Anna Konmene was a powerhouse, and she deserves so much more attention than what she has been given this far. I could not believe how much I discovered about her, and so much of what I did not know, was laid out in an easy to read manner, that was not confusing or too jumpy to follow. Ioulia Kolovou did a fabulous job with this piece, and I look forward to seeing what they publish next!


The Highland Battles

Preorder this book now from Pen and Sword!

My rating: 4/5

Scotland has long evoked a sense of wonder, but there is more to this beautiful land than meets the eye. It has been the home of some vicious and bloody conflicts – inner warfare from clans, and of course, the English.

This book goes through a series of battles that have been fought in the highlands of Scotland and breaks each one down. Chris Peers breaks it down by date, who was where, who was involved, and the eventual outcome of the battle.

Now, before you think, “I have a pretty good grasp of what happened in Scotland,” think again. I discovered quite a bit of information I had never heard before and was able to better identify areas, the ins and outs, and of course – the major and minor players.

This is one that I need to buy and add to my research shelf. The information was amazing, and I don’t think you can find a better guide to The Highland Battles than this book! For those who love Scottish history, and enjoy military conflicts as well, this is THE book that you need to read!


Armies of Ancient Greece Circa 500-338 BC

Available now!

My rating 5/5

Alright, where are my lovers of military history? If this is you, then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! Get ready to dive into the awesome world of the ancient Greek army, and learn so much more than you ever thought possible!
Now, you could be perfectly happy with battles, descriptions, and battle tactics – but honestly, why stop there!? This book doesn’t! We are going to dive in a bit further, gain a deeper insight, and then thank heavens that we were not soldiers in ancient Greece (okay, just kidding, but still …).

Take my word for it – get this book. You are going to want to continue reading when you start – so carve out some time. The author does an amazing job with the full layout, history, facts, and guess what? You are not going to get lost through this book! I loved the history, tactics, and getting to dive a bit deeper into some of the ancient world’s fiercest soldiers.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get reading!



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