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If you love true crime, then you are going to really love these books from WildBlue Press! Serial killers, cold cases, gangsters, and so much more. I just found another favorite publisher to follow, and read fabulous books from! The reviews below are from the few books that I have read from them this year, and I think you will enjoy them as well! Check them out now!

Each of these books is available now from WildBlue Press.

The Enigma of Ted Bundy: The Questions and Controversies Surrounding America’s Most Infamous Serial Killer

This book was written by Kevin M Sullivan.

If you are even semi-interested in serial killers, then you have heard of Ted Bundy. If you are an enthusiast, you have studied Ted Bundy. But I guarantee there are going to be areas that are discussed in this book that will make you sit back and go, OH! That makes so much sense!

The crimes and trials of Ted Bundy are still widely discussed, as his personality not only gave him the ability to blend in but allowed him to remain undetected for a longer period of time. The enigma that is Ted Bundy is more than one particular piece. It is the entire conglomerate, all the pieces coming together to make the perfect psychopath – Ted Bundy.

Fabulous and informative – this book is NOT to be missed! Grab your copy today!


Frank Cullotta’s Greatest (Kitchen) Hits: A Gangster’s Cookbook

Obviously written by Frank Cullotta, this book is a delicious read!

Ever wonder what gangsters enjoy eating for dinner? Outside spaghetti, which is in every gangster movie ever – this cookbook is full of delicious recipes! Now you can eat like your favorite gangster! Grab the book, and settle back with your favorite movie! Hopefully, you won’t have to go to the mattresses to get that last piece of pizza…


True Crime Chronicles: Serial Killers, Outlaws, and Justice… Real Crime Stories From the 1800s

This book was compiled by Mike Rothmiller and is full of newspaper stories from the time about the crimes that shocked the readers.

The True Crime Chronicles was, not what I was expecting. I enjoyed reading through the different stories that were presented by journalists of long ago. For the book, I was thinking that there would be more from the author’s perspective, not just an introduction and then the articles.

Overall, I did enjoy the read, because as a historian, I know how valuable those insights are. Primary sources are the best way to go! But in reading the book, I would have loved some more insight from the author, and felt like there was so much that was missing.

Interesting stories, great journalism, and fun read.. catch this book now!

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