From The Mob To The Movies

From The Mob To The Movies is a great read for those who love Hollywood history or true crime books! This is it!  Are you ready for an OH MY GOODNESS read? This is it! With the mafia always looming in the shadows, this book brings it to light, and how one man escaped from the streets and the mafia – into the glittering lights of Hollywood.

My Review of From The Mob To The Movies:

Richie Salerno brings to light the struggles of growing up, the different aspects of his life, and the many different twists and turns that he could have taken – which would have led down a much darker path. While that shadowed path was one he walked for a long time, he was able to turn his life around – and in a way that most people would love to do! He ended in Hollywood. Now, you are probably familiar with at least one of his works “12 Angry Men” but if not, then you need to check it out!

This was fabulous and engaging, and the sarcastic side of the writer shines through at the best times! I loved the quips and the “hard life” you better believe it lines. This tell-all book is one of the must-reads for the year! If you enjoy true crime, and a “light at the end of the tunnel” read, then you have found the book for you!

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