The Inheritance Games

What is The Inheritance Games? When it comes to games, some are just that – games. But for some, like the inheritance game, riddles can lead to important information, and maybe an entire fortune! Avery is a normal girl, living in very not normal conditions. She excels in school but is living in her car – after her half-sister allows her abusive boyfriend to move back into their apartment.

When she is informed that she has been named in a will, she is shocked. She does not know the person who has left her a substantial fortune, but her life has changed – and she is not sure if its a good thing or not. While the money is nice, she is thrust into a world that she does not know or understand. It is not every day that a 17-year-old girl inherits 42 billion dollars. The biggest challenge of all is going to be whether she can survive the family or not…

Come along for a great adventure and discover what happens when you inherit several billion dollars, anger an entire family, and discover secrets and riddles every step of the way!


My Thoughts On The Inheritance Games:

Oh my goodness! What a book! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one, and actually read it in on sitting – I could not put it down! I was hooked from the start. I loved all the different riddles and the many different layers of the book. From the rough start, and the “I am not sure where this is going,” to a complete turnaround, this book is one that has several twists. Those Hawthorne boys though – danger in suits! Could you trust the brothers? No? Who could be causing so many of the issues, and how do you navigate something you have no idea as to what is going on?

I have a feeling this is going to be an instant hit with anyone who reads it! I can’t wait to share it with everyone I know!


Put this one on your must-read list – its the perfect weekend novel!

My rating: 4/5 stars

Publish Date: Available now!

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