Richard III

Richard III is one of the most controversial kings in English history. You either love him or you hate him. There really is zero in between. As I was reading through this book, there was quite a bit of history that, of course, you need where it sets up what happens, and what we are focusing on for this book. I kept thinking, “come on, get to Richard… “ but that history is needed – because if you do not understand the events that lead up the event in question – well, the book will not make much sense.

My Review:

Richard III was a magnate of the North, long before he became the king of England. There was distrust among many over the marriage of Edward IV to Elizabeth Woodville – and rightly so. Her family did not bring anything to the country, but they sure knew how to get what they needed out of it (including marrying one brother to a woman who was 60 years older than he was – in order to gain control of her fortune).  Anyway, back to Richard. His time in the North not only solidified many things, but he showed himself to be fair, concerned about everyone who lived within his bounds, and willing to help those who needed it.  

I really enjoyed reading this book! If there is anything new, I have it, as I love anything Richard III. This was a fun and informative read. I highly recommend it! For anyone who enjoys history, this book goes into some great detail, without leaving you with a bogged down feeling.

Publish Date: 30 October 2020

Rating: 4/5 stars

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