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Oh my goodness, I am excited to share this book review with you! There are many books out there for kids with so many characters, that many of them have a hard time trying to maintain who did what. The Beast and the Bethany is totally different. There is a small loveable cast, and they are memorable. Kids will not have any difficulty reading through this book, and remembering who is who!

While I was reading through this book, I kept thinking, this is something that my kids would love! I may incorporate this as one of the books that I read to my students in the future, as it was one of those that will have you giggling, slight bursts of irritation, and then, the story redeems with a memorable ending.

Get to know Ebeneezer Tweezer, Bethany, and the Beast in the attic, as this story takes you on an adventure that you will not quickly forget! This book will release in early December, and that makes it perfect for a Christmas present, or a just because gift!

Goodreads excerpt:

The debut middle-grade novel, which has been described as “Lemony Snicket meets Dorian Gray,” is slated for spring 2021. The publisher said the book is about a shallow man named Ebenezer Tweezer “and his friendship with an incredibly naughty girl named Bethany, and the prospect of at least one of them getting eaten by the beast in the attic.

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  1. I completely agree! A small cast like that is great, because it’s easy to keep up with. This has a potential to be a fantastic series for young readers.

  2. I loved the whole cast and range of characters in this – great review.

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