Most of us are familiar with the Wars of the Roses, even if all you know about is that a king was deposed, and a new king installed. There is much more to this conflict, and the upheaval that England went through. I love reading about this time period in history, as the Wars of the Roses have always fascinated me. This book was amazing, and I read it in one sitting! I encourage you to add this to your want to read list!

Publisher: Pen and Sword

Publish Date: 30 October 2020

My rating: 5/5

Book Description:

The Wars of the Roses is one of the most dramatic and fascinating periods in medieval history. Much has been written about the leading personalities, bitter dynastic rivalries, political intrigues, and the rapid change of fortune on the battlefields of England and Wales. However, there is one aspect that has been often overlooked, the role of castles in the conflict.

Dan Spencer’s original study traces their use from the outbreak of civil war in the reign of Henry VI in the 1450s to the triumph of Henry VII some thirty years later. Using a wide range of narrative, architectural, financial and administrative sources, he sheds new light on the place of castles within the conflict, demonstrating their importance as strategic and logistical centres, bases for marshalling troops, and as fortresses

Dan Spencer’s book provides a fascinating contribution to the literature on the Wars of the Roses and to the study of siege warfare in the Middle Ages.

My Review:

The Castle in the Wars of the Roses takes us through the conflict, placing emphasis not on the players, but the locations. While the players were important, the locations were just as important as the key figures. The castles that are discussed, their placement, and their garrisons were essential during this conflict.

I absolutely LOVED this book! I have always been fascinated by the Wars of the Roses, but this book took a unique view and helped me to better understand the logistics and many of the other issues that would not have been possible, without a castle for defense. From larger places, to smaller Welsh locations, these castles were key! From arms, men, munitions, food, and so much more – the fact that these have not been more widely discussed is shocking! Travel all over England with this insightful book – and read more about the Wars of the Roses as well!

Place this on your to-read list! It is the MUST HAVE book for fall!

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