Caveman Supersonic

We have another review of the Caveman Supersonic! This book is available now, and can be found on Amazon!



Jessica’s Review:

The caveman supersonic is a beautiful memoir surrounding a troubled family in the heart of southern Virginia. The memoir which contains stories of the three brother’s lives gives us a sort of inside view into how each brother ultimately chose a different path, essentially a different way of life. Regardless of what was happening in the trailer or how they were treated. As readers we get an overview into how “the caveman’s” rage affects the family and ultimately himself, Animal is able to escape and live out his dreams all while staying connected to the author, and how the author with his vivid imagination is left to his own devices. Each story or memory is rather retold with such details that for some (like myself) it may be an emotional or heavy read. Nevertheless the caveman supersonic is an amazing memoir. 

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