Caveman Supersonic

Alfredo T is sharing his thoughts with us on the Caveman Supersonic! This book is now available for purchase on Amazon! If you love memoirs, this one is perfect, and quite different from most!

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The Caveman Supersonic is a moving account of the life of a boy and how the troubles of adulthood invade and mold his childhood.
The author allows you to see how he escaped into a parallel world full of fantasies and dark thoughts in an effort to temporarily escape the reality of his deeply troubled family. His narrative provides vivid descriptions of complex memories that are often painfully funny, but also challenge our conventional thinking of the American dream and how many do not have the financial means to live it. With incredible clarity and startling recollections, we are reminded about the importance of having empathy and an understanding of the challenges and turmoils some of us face at a young age.

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