Caveman Supersonic

I am back with another book review on the Caveman Supersonic! Mike K brings us this review! Publish date for the Caveman Supersonic is August 4th!


Review of the Caveman Supersonic:

“When I first read “Caveman Supersonic”, I blazed through it in one sitting, and my jaw was on the floor the entire time. Having been a part of many of these events myself, I learned that there was sometimes more to the story than I knew, and it was revelatory. There were often other factors that I hadn’t even considered. And even the things that I knew all about felt very surreal hearing them be retold and looking at them through someone else’s eyes. It was an interesting time, with clusters of people that sometimes felt like they shouldn’t exist in the same space, in a town that is both fascinating and podunk. Plus there was usually an undercurrent of tension present, if not full-on chaos, sadness, and sometimes violence. I highly recommend this book!”

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