Caveman Supersonic

I am back with another book review on the Caveman Supersonic! Maria L. penned this review, and she loved the book!

Review of The Caveman Supersonic

The Caveman Supersonic is an astonishing memoir that makes you feel grateful for every small blessing in your life. Full of hardship and a sense of being unwanted, the author shares what it was like to grow up with a narcissist mother, an alcoholic, an enraged brother, and a father he only saw once a year. In the middle of instability and childhood trauma, the author finds comfort in a cemetery, ruled by a witch, and a brother that decides to break from what he was destined to inherit and becomes a musical legend. At times you forget that the story is being narrated from the perspective of a six-year-old boy because the memories are so vivid, and the thoughts and actions resemble that of an adult in survival mode. The Caveman Supersonic is the kind of memoir that keeps you up at night, not only because you want to read the next memory but because it makes you question the basic rules of humanity.


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