Angel of Evil is the fourth installment of Kenneth Anderson’s “Great Devil War” series. If you have not read anything by Kenneth Anderson, you are really missing out! I have read the first several of this series, and have not been disappointed yet! For this blog tour, I opted for a first chapter review, being that I have been inundated with books lately.

I wish I had just read the entire thing! I wanted to keep reading after the first chapter! As soon as there are a few things pushed off my plate, I am going back to finish this fabulous book!

First Chapter Review of Angel of Evil

Philip has already been to Hell and back, more than once. But lately, things have been – off. He is not sure what is going on – is he living in a nightmare, or just imagining things? Philip is doing his best to keep it together, but something just isn’t right.

This chapter – the FIRST chapter of this book – it’s going to hook you. You will NOT want to stop reading. My advice to you – when you get ready to start reading, carve out your weekend and plan to stay on the couch. Kenneth Anderson is going to deliver another fabulous book. I cannot wait to finish reading this one!

For the first chapter alone, I give it a solid FIVE STARS.

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