If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, then you need to pay attention! While we do not have Sir Arthur Conan Doyle any longer, there are many who have undertaken to write and maintain the character of Sherlock.

Now if you are anything like me, you have gobbled up the BBC series on Sherlock (and have probably watched them multiple times). But a new Sherlock Holmes book hit the scene, and this is one that you are going to want to read! Get ready to fall in love with Sherlock all over again!


My Review of Five Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The five stories that were included in this book were in short – awesome. I enjoyed the stories immensely. As I was able to engage and felt as though I was reading through an actual Conan Doyle book. I have to admit that I was not sure what to think – so many people have tried to write Sherlock and have failed – so I was a bit tepid about jumping in. However, the book met and exceeded all my expectations.

Each of the stories included were well done, and they fully flesh out the characters, without giving to much of the who dun it away. Here are the premises of the stories – as stated on goodreads.com:

1-Extreme danger. Children’s lives are at risk.
2-Holmes prevents an injustice and triumphs over a greedy family.
3-A train arrives 3 years late. Only Holmes can solve this one.
4-Holmes battles blundering politicians and a master criminal.
5-An elaborate crime with a strange motive.

You are going to want to grab this book and read it! It only took me about an hour to read through, but it could have been longer and I would not have minded. This is a perfect time to be reading and staying away from people, so grab and read!

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