Hello dear readers! It has been a while since I have brought you a new book, and I am excited to bring you this one! Kenneth Anderson has brought another winning book with his “Die of Death,” and it was one of those… oh wait… I will get to that!

I reviewed the first one a while ago on here. The Devils Apprentice is the first book in this series, and if you missed it, you missed a story that was beyond amazing. Sometimes, a second book can be a little bit of a letdown, as it is hard to follow such a great first book. NOT THIS TIME!

Die of Death Goodreads Excerpt:

Philip’s adventures as the Devil’s apprentice have changed him—in a good way. Although he misses his friends in Hell, he has made new friends in life.
But when the future of the underworld is threatened once again, Philip’s help is needed. Death’s Die has been stolen and immortality is spreading across the globe.
Philip throws himself into the search—and discovers a horrible truth about his own life along the way.

My Thoughts on Die of Death:

A quick rundown: When Philip returns to Hell, he is not sure what he is going there for. Death needs his help, and while Philip has remembered a lot of his past lessons from the first time he was there, there are many different dynamics going on in this book. Philip is going to have to face some truths that are hard to swallow. As he works with his friend Satina to help Death find the Die of Death, they are going to find an adventure beyond their wildest imaginations.

I absolutely LOVED this book! It was one of those, really hard to put down, oh my goodness I have a book hangover books. Once you start reading, you do NOT want to stop. There is something about Philip’s character that just resounds with everyone, and he is a very relatable character.

When I first started to read, I was not sure if this book was going to follow the fabulous storyline from the first book, but I was not disappointed at all. It does not drag, and the story keeps you moving, engaged, and want to find out what is going to happen next. You cannot turn the pages fast enough to figure out what is going to happen next.

This book is one that you are going to love! While we are all on quarantine, this is the perfect series to pick and read through!


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