Shadows: Sapphire Smyth And The Shadow Five is the first installment in the series by R.J. Furness. I am going to give you my thoughts, and a brief rundown of the book, as shown on Goodreads. You can determine for yourself if you will read it or not…

Goodreads Synopsis:

Have you ever seen something you can’t explain? Did it vanish as fast as it appeared?
Perhaps that thing you saw was lurking in the shadows, and you caught a glimpse of it before it went back into hiding.
There’s a good chance, of course, that the thing you saw simply emerged from your imagination.
Or maybe, just maybe, it didn’t…

Sapphire Smyth is no stranger to rejection. When she was only a baby, her father abandoned her after her mother died. Since then, Sapphire has never felt like she belonged anywhere, or with anyone. To make things worse, her foster carers have now turned their back on her – on her eighteenth birthday. After living with them throughout her childhood, Sapphire has to find a new home. Is it any wonder she finds it hard to trust people?

Abandoned by the people she called family, Sapphire is alone and searching for some meaning in her life. Except that meaning has already come looking for her. When she discovers mysterious creatures lurking in the shadows, Sapphire soon realizes that her fate is unlike anything she had ever imagined.

My Review of Shadows: Sapphire Smyth and The Shadow Five

Star rating: 3/5

To be honest, I am not entirely sure how I feel about this book. There was a lot of assumed knowledge of the background, and quite a few unanswered questions. Are these questions going to be answered in the upcoming books? No one knows! Sapphire Smyth loses her mother at a very young age and then is abandoned by her father. She has one friend, Ben, but she is about to learn there are things that he knows about her that she has no clue even exist.

On her 18th birthday, she is given a bracelet that belonged to her mother, and when she puts it on, strange things begin to happen. Shadow figures seem to be lurking in the shadows, and there is no explanation for it at all. And then there is the fox…

This is not a long book, so it will not take you more than a couple of hours to read through. I would suggest if you read it, have the other books on standby to dive into. Perhaps we will get some answers that were left dangling in book one!

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