Have you heard the story of the lost queen? It might be one that you are somewhat familiar with, but this book by Anne Stott will take you deeper into the tragic story of Princess Charlotte, and the many ups and downs of her life. I finished a review copy just recently, and this is one that I think you need to add to your TBR list now! There are two publish dates listed, so you can be sure to be ready for its release, wherever you are located!

Publish Date for The Lost Queen:

30 January 2020 (UK)

3 May 2020 (US)


Pen and Sword



Review of The Lost Queen

Princess Charlotte should have had a life of glittering balls and possibly sitting on the throne of England. Her life was one tragedy after another. As she was first the product of an unhappy marriage, she was pulled between her parents, both of whom wanted to control her, and yet, they found that her will was just as stubborn as theirs was. She turned down one marriage, to make a match of her own choosing, and found some happiness there, yet the happiness was not to last.

As she prepared to give birth to her first child, she was on top of the world, planning a future that was hers. Yet tragedy was waiting in the wings…

This book was amazing! I knew of the story of Princess Charlotte, but I learned so much while reading this book! The ins and outs, the ups and downs, it is all played out on these pages – and leaves you with a picture of her life that will have you shaking your head. Her character was strong, and yet she found herself pulled between to parents, both of whom didn’t really love her as they should. She was a pawn, and useful to the games that they were playing, not the daughter that she could have been if they had given her the chance.

Grab this book, it is well worth your time to read! You will not be sorry at all!


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