As we work into another school year, I have been reading through the summer! I love having the time to read and get to dive into new books! I have been finding some new ones that are coming at you either later this year or early next year. Some of these books are fabulous, and some were mediocre, but books are books, and we enjoy reading – as I often say, “no one reads the same book twice!”

I hope that you will add these books to your Want To Read lists, and maybe you can spend next year reading through the summer too!

August Books:

  1. The Year of the Snake – MJ Trow
  2. Rebels Against Tyranny – H. Schrader
  3. The Patient – S. Holmes
  4. Raven Lane – A. Cowie
  5. The Hollow Queen – S. Ficklin
  6. One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow – O. Hawker
  7. Poor Lamb, Poor Lamb – H. Hudson
  8. Warrior’s Creed – R. Sparks
  9. Every Single Secret – E. Carpenter
  10. Nell and Lady – A. Farley
  11. I’ll Never Tell – C. McKenzie
  12. The Road She Left Behind – C. Nolfi
  13. I Held Lincoln – R. Quest
  14. Succubus – R. Sheehan
  15. Reconstructing the Shield of Achilles – K Vail
  16. A Little History of Archaeology – B Fagan
  17. Murder Among the Tombstones – K. Carter
  18. Sons of the Sphinx – C. Carpinello
  19. Haunting Stories – E.F. Benson
  20. Two Lives of Grand Duke Michael – M. Roman
  21. Lost Carousel of Provence – J Blackwell
  22. The King and the Catholics – A. Fraser
  23. Splendor Before The Dark – M. George
  24. General Theory of Haunting – R. Easter
  25. One Night In Drake Mansion – C. Whitaker
  26. Tombstone – T. Clavin
  27. Shepherds Warning – C. Lloyd
  28. Renia’s Diary – R. Spiegel
  29. In The Shadow Of Vesuvius – T. Alexander
  30. The Queen’s Choice – A. O’Brien

Wrap-up stats:

So I read a total of 9889 pages in August! I was super thrilled with those numbers! I have a few books that could be added to the list above, but I have not added them to my goodreads yet, so they are not included in the list. Additionally, I edited a few books, so until they are released, I won’t add their numbers to my count!

Finally, have you been reading your summer away? Share your books with me!


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